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Effects of a Broken Family (02:45)


Lydia describes her unstable childhood, having gone through dozens of social works and foster homes, and family suicides. Despite a happy young childhood in Florida, she quickly became aware of her single mother's drug addiction.

State Intervention (03:09)

After Lydia's mother gave her Valium to cover up her prostitution, she was incarcerated by the state. After giving up her rights to Lydia, her mother committed suicide, making her an orphan of the state.

Identity Crisis (01:51)

Lydia turned to drugs and alcohol in her isolation, living up to whatever delinquent labels she was given. Her close relationship with her cousin provided the only normalcy in her life. Lydia's life turned for the worse when she found out her cousin had been murdered.

Breaking the Cycle (02:43)

Desperate for someone to show they would care about her, Lydia jumped from foster home to foster home, acting out at families that wanted to adopt her. For Lydia, the only way to break out of her family's cycle of dysfunction was to focus on her schooling.

Enduring Trauma (02:05)

Lydia offers advice to teens struggling with life. She explains how self-expression helps to inspire yourself and build your own positive identity. Lydia relates her goal of helping other teens through situations similar to hers.

Lydia's Story: What Are Your Thoughts? (02:17)

Teens reflect on Lydia's story, and the tremendous stress inflicted upon her from a young age. They discuss why the school environment might be better than the home environment for children of broken families.

Healing Through Self-Expression (03:44)

Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi and Ayla Khosroshahi explain the impact of Lydia's belief structure on her life. When she felt safe to express herself at school, she was able to build an identity separate from her circumstances.

Credits: Broken Families: Lydia’s Story (01:20)

Credits: Broken Families: Lydia’s Story

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Broken Families: Lydia’s Story

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Lydia’s life as a child was filled with family dysfunction, drugs, abuse and the death of her mother. She ended up in the foster care system before the age of 10 and would endure moving between 36 different foster homes. Lydia was left with a lack of identity, belonging, and self-worth. The longing of her family and her loneliness created a cycle of destruction or “acting out”. Nothing or no one could fill the void she felt. Somehow, she found an incredible strength to turn her life around. Living out of a car, she put herself through school and became determined to have her own family, providing a loving home for her two children, something she never had.

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