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Growing Up in Uncertainty (02:23)


Dimitrius, known as "Billionaire PA," was born in Alabama to an impoverished family. He explains the meaning of his chosen name. Although he excelled in school, Billionaire struggled with family stress and anger issues.

Hustling to Survive (02:25)

Billionaire resorted to any possible means to make money in order to get by. Both his parents were hit by drunk drivers, and his younger brother was killed in a car accident. After his uncle was killed as well, he stopped caring about life.

Drugs for Money (03:05)

Billionaire started selling marijuana at 14, and after getting arrested for the first time at 17, he was regularly in and out of jail. Despite this, he stayed dedicated to his schooling. Fed up with life, Billionaire drove until his truck ran out of gas in northern California.

Taking Responsibility (03:07)

Billionaire struggled to find a job due to his criminal record, and slept in his truck. Inspired by advice from his grandmother, he began following a philosophy of finding the positive in every negative aspect of his life.

Acing the Interview (02:16)

After being rejected for dozens of jobs, Billionaire developed a strategy to score an interview at a black entertainment company. He prepared for the interview by writing his answers to common questions, and got the job.

From Sales to Speaking (03:10)

Encouraged by his friends, Billionaire began putting his quotes on tee shirts and selling them on the street. Eventually, he was approached to give a speech to children in Virginia, and found his calling as a motivational speaker. He explains the importance of failure in finding success.

What Do You Think About Demituri's Story? (02:05)

Teens reflect on Billionaire's story, and the impact of money on people's lives. They contrast poor kids enjoying life with plastic soccer balls to high school students selling drugs for new phones. They realize how failure shapes individuals for later success.

Understanding Dimitrius' Journey (03:18)

Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi and Ayla Khosroshahi explain how Billionaire's decision to sell drugs was a form of escapism from the struggles he faced. When he made the choice to turn his negative energy towards a positive purpose, he was able to find success. Yashar and Ayla emphasize the importance of a personal mission in life.

Credits: Breaking Poverty: Billionaire PA’s Story (01:20)

Credits: Breaking Poverty: Billionaire PA’s Story

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Breaking Poverty: Billionaire PA’s Story

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Poverty drugs, violence, abuse, family death….all of which “Billionaire PA” experienced as a child and young teenager. He became a great salesman. The only problem is he sold drugs on the street landing him in and out of jail. What else you can you do when you live in such poverty? His grandmother planted a thought in his head, “if you could use the focused energy you have in selling drugs and channel into something good, you will be unstoppable”. Taking her advice, he not only turned his life around but is now saving so many others from the hardships that he endured as a teenager. He is a true inspiration to so many and his goal is to reach a Billion people.

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