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Vietnamization (08:25)


Reporter Robert Shaplen reports from Saigon amid the Vietnam War. A panel of journalists including Keyes Beech, Charlie Mohr, Bob Kaiser, and Peter Arnett discusses the course of the war and President Richard Nixon's plan.

Military Criticism (07:12)

A panel of journalists talks about the military involvement in Vietnam. They point out the criticism and possible failures of the United States' operations and the quality of the opposing forces.

Reducing American Troops (06:18)

Shaplen talks about the plan to reduce American troops in Vietnam and the plans to hand power over to the South Vietnamese. The panel talks about the viability and effectiveness of the plans.

Anti-Americanism (09:39)

Journalists discuss the growth of anti-Americanism in Vietnam following the My Lai Massacre, where hundreds of Vietnamese children were killed. Journalists talk about the opinions and feelings of American soldiers toward the Vietnamese.

Political Mistakes (08:56)

Journalists discuss the lack of political planning and the speed of which democracy was introduced to Vietnam. One journalist talks about the failure of political programs in the country.

Possible Outcomes (08:18)

Journalists talk about the wills and motivations of the different sides of the Vietnam War. They discuss possible outcomes and how the war could end.

Lessons from Vietnam (07:48)

Journalists talks about the lessons America has learned from its involvement in the Vietnam War. They discuss how the American involvement will affect Asia and the American military in the future.

Credits: Report from Saigon (01:49)

Credits: Report from Saigon

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In the summer of 1966, WNET travelled to Saigon for a news-making story on the information gap in the reporting of the Vietnam War. 

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