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Hate in America (04:10)


The Charlottesville protest culminated in a domestic terrorist attack killing one woman and wounding 19 others. Matt Heimbach co-founded "Traditional Youth Network" and protested with the "Unite the Right" campaign along with other white nationalist organizations. Daryle Lamont Jenkins, executive director of "One People's Project," videotapes and exposes white supremacists.

Future of White Supremacist Movement (04:23)

David Duke felt that Heimbach demonstrated the proper character to lead. Protesters and counter-protesters beat each other with sticks and rods in Charlottesville; Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency. James Alex Fields chanted a message of white power before driving his car into a large mass of people.

Charlottesville Riots Aftermath (02:50)

Critics argue that police should have stopped the protests before they became violent. President Donald Trump appeared to blame the protesters and counter-protesters.

Ideologies Polarizing America (06:18)

Duke and Richard Spencer joined the white nationalist movement. Critics argue President Trump energized the white supremacist movement with his muted reactions to Charlottesville. Steve Bannon referred to Breitbart as a platform for the alt-right movement.

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On this episode of Nightline, Eva Pilgrim examines white supremacy in America culminating with the Charlottesville protests. Interviews include David Dukes, Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Richard Cohen, and Cokie Roberts. 

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