Segments in this Video

Truth and Lies: Watergate—Introduction (02:53)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of the Watergate scandal and President Nixon. See footage of his August 8, 1974 news address.

Nixon's Political Rise (04:38)

Nixon rose from the Navy to the vice presidency within six years. He was sworn in as president in 1969. Experts consider the social climate, the counter culture, and Nixon's perspective; Nixon hated the press.

Conspiracy Theorist (04:27)

Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971. Nixon saw it as a conspiracy and he ordered the creation of "the plumbers." Nixon expanded the practice of conversation taping to include voice activation; hear portions of recordings.

Nixon's Staff (03:12)

See news footage of Nixon discussing significant events in 1972. Nixon exploited of the loyalty of those around him, including H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrilchman.

"Hardball" Politics (04:15)

Experts discuss Operation Gemstone and a plot to kill columnist Jack Anderson. G. Gordon Liddy presented the plan in the attorney general's office; John Mitchell wanted a lower operation budget. Liddy recalls being asked to break into the Watergate office building.

Watergate Complex (06:36)

D.C. Metro Police reflect on the social climate of 1972 and responding to the call at the complex. Liddy recalls the request to bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Participants recall the break in and police response.

Watergate Burglary (02:57)

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigated the Watergate break in and discovered the motivation behind the crime. Nixon approved a plan for the CIA to blunt the FBI's investigation.

Report on Watergate (05:05)

Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein to follow the trail of money; see clips from "All the President's Men." They discovered a connection between Nixon's reelection committee and the break in. Bernstein recalls John Mitchell's response to the proposed newspaper article.

Nixon Reelected (05:37)

January 1973 was a peak time for Nixon, but Woodward and Bernstein continued to pursue the Watergate story. They incited the senate to begin a probe into political espionage; see clips from "All the President's Men." Howard Hunt pled guilty to all charges in the Watergate bugging trial.

Watergate Cover-up (05:22)

The Senate held hearings on Watergate. Experts reflect on Nixon's instability and need for blind loyalty. Hunt threatened to reveal information unless he was paid. John Dean recalls talking about bribery money with Nixon.

Suspected Corruption (02:23)

Judge John Sirica threatened the Watergate burglars with significant jail time if they did not reveal who was involved. John McCord implicated two Nixon aides.

Watergate Scandal (04:33)

Julie Nixon-Eisenhower recalls the atmosphere in the White House and her father's behavior. Nixon fired Ehrilchman and Haldeman in an attempt to stop the scandal; John Dean resigned.

Senate Watergate Hearings (06:00)

Experts reflect on the atmosphere in D.C. during the hearings; see portions of testimonies. Dean's testimony revealed significant details of the Watergate operation and that Nixon recorded conversations in the White House; Alexander Butterfield acknowledged the tapes.

Saturday Night Massacre (07:32)

Butterfield disclosed the existence of the taping system; Archibald Cox asked for the tapes and Nixon refused. The Court of Appeals ruled that Nixon had to relinquish the tapes. Nixon demanded Cox be fired but Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus refused; Robert Bork fired him.

Nixon Tapes (02:51)

The Supreme Court ruled Nixon must relinquish the tapes; 18.5 minutes of the tapes were erased. The tapes implicated Nixon in the Watergate cover-up.

House Judiciary Committee (02:38)

Public pressure triggered an impeachment inquiry; the committee voted 27-11 in favor of impeachment.

Nixon's Resignation (06:37)

Republican leaders told Nixon they could no longer support him and he decided to resign; Nixon-Eisenhower told the First Lady. Nixon recalls photographs of his last White House dinner, signing his resignation, and boarding the helicopter. Experts recall Nixon's farewell speech to the staff.

Criminal in the White House? (03:50)

See footage of Nixon speaking to Barbara Walters about the Watergate scandal and hear him quote a couplet from Clare Boothe Luce. Experts reflect on Nixon's lack of acknowledgment and apology, and his personality.

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