Titles in this Series


Item #: 144764

Taking Fakes

Item #: 144765

Invisible Lives

Item #: 144766

From the Heart

Item #: 144767

Battle for a Vaccine

Item #: 144768

The Real Lady Killers

Item #: 144769

Saving Lives

Item #: 144770

The Race for a Vaccine

Item #: 144771

Fighting Syphilis

Item #: 144772

The Silent Killer

Item #: 144773

Mystery Ulcers

Item #: 144774

A New Lease on Life

Item #: 144775

The Deadly Sleep

Item #: 144776

Tomorrow's Children

Item #: 144777

New Weapon Against Malaria

Item #: 144778

Preparing for the Pandemic

Item #: 144779

The Deadly Trematodes

Item #: 144780

Tetanus: The Infant Curse

Item #: 144781

A Vaccine for Dengue

Item #: 144782

A Woman's Disease

Item #: 144783

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Diseases that are no threat in developed nations claim tens of millions of lives every year in developing countries. Modern, effective treatments targeting affluent Westerners are too expensive for the world’s poor. Old drugs are cheap, but resistance is spreading very fast. In some cases the only drugs available kill up to one in 10 of the patients who take them. Kill or Cure covers the hunt for effective and affordable treatments for populations earning less than a few dollars a day. But even in developed nations, the hunt is on for cures for diseases such as HIV and Buruli ulcers.

Length: 500 minutes

Item#: BVL144763

Copyright date: ©2008

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