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Binge: Introduction (02:51)


Since is alcohol water soluble and moves quickly through the bloodstream. It has long-term effects on teens who partake in binge drinking at a young age. Liam, Christen, and Henry have different experiences with underage drinking.

Teenage Binge Drinking (02:46)

Australia's government standard for binge drinking is four or more alcoholic beverages in a sitting; Liam has been binging since age fourteen. John Toumbourou explains teenagers are less sensitive to the effects of alcohol and experience few physical warning signs.

Binge Drinking Experiment (06:31)

Teens are unaware of the damages of alcohol abuse due to their heightened tolerance. Liam and Steve Cannane compete to see who is more affected by a high intake of alcohol.

Lasting Effects of Binge Drinking (03:33)

Christen is among many teens who statistically are at higher risk of alcohol addiction. Alcohol-induced blackouts lead to memory blanks and fewer long-term memories.

Drinking in Moderation? (03:19)

Henry believes drinking binges have no effect on his health; his parents helped educate him on drinking in moderation. Jon Currie explains that early exposure to alcohol leads to a high likelihood of brain damage.

Long-term Effects of Binge Drinking (05:03)

Magician Adam Mada performs for Henry, Steve, and Liam to test their active, working memory. Those who binge drink more frequently score lower on the test.

Credits: Whatever! The Science of Teens (00:60)

Credits: Whatever! The Science of Teens

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In this episode of Whatever! The Science of Teens, host Steve Cannane meets three very different young Aussies who all have experienced binge-drinking to black out. It's a teen issue that has shaken a cocktail of concern. But is this just media hype? Through a range of experiments, we'll expose the true dangers behind what used to be seen as just a harmless rite of passage. The latest science on the effect alcohol has on teen brains is sobering stuff, guaranteed to get the nation talking.

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