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Introduction to Fear (02:22)


Kathriona Devereux introduces the topics of fear, an emotion that produces physical effects that humans actively seek. Passersby share their phobias.

Arachnophobia (10:01)

A phobia is a debilitating fear. Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain undergoes an EGG to determine her phobic response to visual representations of spiders and behavioral tasks related to spiders.

Acquiring Fear (03:59)

Devereux undergoes electrical stimulation tasks to showcase how phobias and fear are acquired. Balancing healthy and unhealthy fears can keep you safe.

Fight or Flight (01:55)

A patient had a portion of his amygdala removed and his arachnophobia disappeared. The amygdala is essential for responding to fear and the fight or flight response.

Torture and Memory (06:16)

Jonathan McCrea explores the impact of the diving reflex on his ability to recall a list of words and images. Interrogations should shift into interviews in order to establish trust and gather information.

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Fear (00:34)

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Fear

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10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Fear

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Toilet flushing, cats, cheese, belly buttons, the number 13...our fears and phobias can be as bizarre as they are diverse! But how are our fears created in the first place? And what happens inside our brains when we feel the fear?

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