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Introduction to Pain (02:09)


Aoibhinni Ni Shuilleabhain and Jonathan McCrea introduce the topic of pain threshold by inflicting small amounts of pain on one another. Individuals present anecdotes about their painful experiences.

Pain Threshold (04:49)

Pain is a functional sensation used for survival that is transmitted via chemical and electrical signals to the brain for interpretation. Ni Shuilleabhain and McCrea test their pain tolerances and engage in an experimental test shown to increase pain tolerance through the use of neurostimulation.

Chronic Pain (05:07)

Sarah Donaghue recalls her experience with chronic pain and the impacts of the disease. Due to the subjective nature of chronic pain, it is difficult to diagnose and treat. Chronic pain has an impact on mental health.

Life Without Pain (02:18)

Sodium channels initiate in response to painful stimuli, transmitting signals to the brain. Congenital analgesia mutates sodium channels and prevents pain transmission to the brain. Pain is a functional sensation of survival which makes this rare disease dangerous.

Cannabis and Pain (05:55)

The endogenous cannabinoid system in humans works to suppress the sensation of pain. Research on specific strains of cannabis has the potential to amplify the endogenous cannabinoid system and reduce symptoms of chronic pain. The placebo effect is an effective form of treatment without active therapeutic agents.

Series Recap (01:14)

McCrea upholds his end of the bet from the first segment and gets waxed at a salon. See clips from other episodes in the series.

Short End of the Stick (00:36)

A recap of the episodes series runs. (Credits)

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An alarming number of people are knowingly or otherwise abusing over the counter pain medications. Could there be another way?

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