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Future Medical Technology (02:14)


Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin introduces the topics that will be covered in this episode. She uses electro pads connected to Kathriona Devereux to transmit an electrical signal that temporarily controls a muscle in Devereux's arm.

Bionic Hand (05:43)

Stephen Lowry recalls the night he lost his hand in a bomb explosion. His confidence has returned with the use of a myoelectric hand. Motors in the hand are powered by muscle activity.

Nanostrucutres and Biosensors (06:05)

Brian Donnellan contrasts his quality of life with Parkinson’s prior to and following deep brain stimulation. Newly developed nanostructures will coat electrodes to rates of rejection. Miniaturization of electrodes allows for focused stimulation and biosensors could be the future of personalized medicine.

Bionic Eye (01:46)

Fergus McAuliffe explains the normal functioning of the eye and why macular degeneration leads to blindness. The bionic eye works by sending electrical signals from to electrodes in the back of the eye and traveling to the brain for purposeful interpretation.

Heart Regeneration (06:23)

Jonathan McCrea interviews Helena Kelly who explains how adipose-derived stem cells are harvested, differentiated and introduced to damaged heart tissue. Dr. Garry Duffy demonstrates the difficulty of administering stem cells in newly developed gel solutions. The overall goal of stem cell research on damaged heart tissue is to restore function.

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Body Tech (00:43)

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Body Tech

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From people who are involved in terrible accidents, to the general wear and tear of our bodies as we age, advances in robotics and biomaterials are transforming lives worldwide.

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