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Life and Death (05:57)


Ramon Prats explains the meaning of "bardo" in Tibetan tradition; the afterlife also has three bardos. Prats reflects on the nightmare of death and reaching enlightenment.

Belief of the Afterlife (06:31)

Father Leo O'Donovan explains Christian terminology and thoughts about what happens after death. He considers whether the Tibetan belief about the period after physical death would be acceptable to Christianity.

Soul and Death (05:05)

O'Donovan considers whether the notion of the soul is the main difference between Tibetan and Christian positions on the intermediate state after death. Buddhists would divide the soul into four aggregates.

State After Death (07:27)

O'Donovan reflects on understanding the elements of what constitutes a person and how they interact. The Tibetan Book of the Dead states its teachings can only be useful during a lifetime if one is familiar with the notions. In Christian terms, many have attempted to imagine eternal life through art and music.

Iconography and Afterlife (09:18)

Images in the Tibetan Book of the Dead are projections. Prats explains the Tibetan tradition of delogs which may be similar to purgatory. O'Donovan cites an example from the Gospel of Luke and references descents into hell.

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Tibetan Book of the Dead scholar and Rubin Museum Senior Curator Ramon Prats engages with a Christian priest on Eastern and Western understandings of the afterlife.

Length: 35 minutes

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