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Brain Regions and Staying Alive (03:55)


Some structures of the brain have local operations; however, most tasks involve activity in various brain regions. Basal ganglia are associated with motor control and thinking.

On Autopilot (07:09)

Philip Lieberman and Kurt Diemberger discuss motor control, hallucinations, and mental processing at high altitudes.

Oxygen Levels (04:06)

Individuals vary in the amount of oxygen they need to function. Oxygen needs depend on genetics and acclimatization.

Natural Acclimatization (05:25)

As conditions of altitude change, mental processing can decline. Diemberger recalls an alpine climbing experience.

Final Ascent (09:06)

Oxygen deprivation at high altitudes can lead to Parkinson's like symptoms. Lieberman describes a case study of a major disaster of high altitude climbing. Diemberger explains the "death zone" of alpine climbing.

Credits: Mind the Altitude (00:07)

Credits: Mind the Altitude

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Alpinist Kurt Diemberger sits down with Philip Lieberman to explore how memories are shaped by extreme environments and how the brain copes with the effects of altitude.

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