Segments in this Video

Memory - Something Worth Keeping (02:19)


Ed Cooke introduces the concept of memory and competitive memorizing.

Memory Challenge (07:30)

Cooke engages in a number based memory task. Audience members test their recall abilities using 24 item recall test.

Memory Challenge Results (05:47)

Audience members reveal how many words they recalled from the list. Cooke describes principles of memory and recall that explain the recall of certain words in the list.

The Golden Rule (03:36)

The golden rule of memory makes sure every memory is uniquely deserving. Forming associations between Japanese characters and prior knowledge increases recall and memory. Memory is a thoughtful process built on visual imagery.

Narrative (09:53)

Cooke and audience members use the ping-pong method to weave 20 random words into a narrative.

20 Marks of the Buddha (03:20)

Participants use mnemonics to recall the marks of the Buddha. Active recall is central to improving memory.

Count the Dots (02:06)

Two slides, each with 25 dots, are shown briefly to audience members. Organization of content has an impact on memory and recall.

12 More Marks of the Buddha (12:12)

Audience members and Cooke use a memory palace to remember 12 more marks of the Buddha. Memory palaces improve recall by translating memories into 3-D space.

Wheel of Life (02:39)

Cooke explains how transforming the wheel of life into a 3-D memory palace will enhance memory and recall.

Illusions and Memory (08:43)

Mark Mitten demonstrates multiple tricks and explains how they relate to spacial memory.

Credits: Memory Palace (00:04)

Credits: Memory Palace

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Do you want to be able to remember names at parties? Or where you last left your car keys? Or memorize The Wasteland? Attend this training by Mr. Memory himself: Ed Cooke, columnist of the London Times, author of Remember, Remember. Presented in association with Urban Zen.

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