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Caregiving - A Thankless Job (07:16)


Jonatha Brooke describes how she came to be her mother's primary caregiver. Dr. Gayatri Devi recalls a counseling session with Nancy, Brooke's mother, during her decline associated with dementia

Life as a Burden (03:27)

Despite mental decline, Nancy retained aspects of herself through poetry, humor, and a desire to maintain independently. Patients with dementia have decreased function in the frontal lobe.

Prosthetic Noses (03:33)

Dr. Gayatri Devi recalls a clinical home visit with Nancy and medical students. Brooke explains how she documented Nancy's decline through photography.

Moms and Mothers (03:12)

Devi and Brooke explore how poetry helped Nancy remain engaged in her life through poetry.

The Start of Decline (04:06)

Patients with dementia perform in hospital and social settings; however, with caregivers, symptoms are present. When recovering from surgical procedures, it is best to bring patients with dementia home to recover in familiar environments.

Dementia Progression (07:02)

Nancy was unable to walk due to her dementia, fear, and physical pain. Devi and Brooke discuss the importance of keeping dementia patients at home and the benefits of hospice care.

Dealing With Death (06:57)

Brooke recalls her mother's death and the process of active dying.

Dying At Home (05:54)

Devi explains the importance of self-care for caregivers, the benefits of hospice care, and shares a patient story to emphasize the importance of waiting for death.

Take Home Message (00:55)

Brooke concludes the discussion by demonstrating the importance of music and poetry in the progression of dementia.

Credits: Dealing with Dementia (03:08)

Credits: Dealing with Dementia

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Dealing with Dementia

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The singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke recently lost her mother to dementia after caring for her in her own home for over a year. She discusses the role of music and caregiving with the Director of the New York Memory and Healthy Aging Services, Dr. Gayatri Devi.

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