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Human Amnesic Syndrome (05:47)


Neurologist Barry Gordon introduces Caris’ case and notes that amnesia is not portrayed accurately in television and films. Caris' brain surgery interrupted her declarative memory.

Transforming to Remember (05:55)

Caris retained partial memories. Lewis Black recalls seeing her perform. Actors mine emotions to memorize lines.

Unconscious Thoughts (04:29)

Actors memorize lines in different ways. Dr. Gordon explains that people are led by their subconscious. Deep brain stimulation may provide the answer to Alzheimer's disease.

Rolling the Dice (04:19)

Brain wiring patterns are established by biochemistry. Dr. Gordon describes Caris' tumor, which likely grew for years.

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Caris' Peace (What's My Line?)

Part of the Series : Brainwave: Memory
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Comedian Lewis Black and Johns Hopkins neurologist Barry Gordon, MD, PhD discuss the implications of short-term memory loss for an actor after the New York City premiere screening of Gaylen Ross's film Caris' Peace.

Length: 21 minutes

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