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What We Remember (07:49)


Memory is designed to store emotion and images, not time. One can remember unpleasant events more positively by adjusting the ending.

Thought Experiments (06:21)

Autobiographical memories serve an evolutionary purpose. The experiencing and remembering selves are often in opposition to well-being.

Reliving the Past (07:10)

We live through the remembering self, caring for stories about life. Recalling memories is a unique experience.

Indulging Memory (06:38)

We care about the endings to stories. Human beings remember spatial routes better than abstract lists.

Future Events (06:57)

Human minds remember significant moments. Memories are comprised of multiple systems.

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As Time Goes By

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U.S. Memory Champion Joshua Foer and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman debate how memory works as a function of time.

Length: 36 minutes

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