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Measuring Trauma (04:49)


War veterans complaining of memory loss were thought to be seeking disability compensation. Post-traumatic stress disorder includes impulsivity and poor concentration.

Hope for Survivors (04:26)

Medical research validates self-reports of veteran PTSD. Biomarkers may measure and predict severity.

Treating Trauma (07:38)

Therapies include revisiting traumatic sites and meditation. Longitudinal studies will provide clues to treating PTSD.

Normal Response (07:57)

Post-traumatic stress disorder is adaptive. Cortisol changes the size of the amygdala and hippocampus.

Assessing Risk (05:09)

Longitudinal studies will assess multiple traumas and resilience. PTSD may be influenced by experiences prior to deployment.

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The War Veteran

Part of the Series : Brainwave: Illusion
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In this film High Ground by Michael Brown, eleven veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the longest in American history, are invited to overcome the damage to their bodies, minds, and spirits, and climb the 20,000-foot Himalayan giant Mount Lobuche. As the film follows their training and climb, it also explores the illusion of health and the struggle to have less-perceptible conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder treated seriously. After the film, Dr. Heather Berlin, a cognitive neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, speaks with veteran Jason Hansman about traumatic brain injury.

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