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Present Moment is Reality (07:38)


Laws of physics are subject to, and emerge from, time. The brain understands events through a temporal code.

Primacy of Time (07:20)

Events in history have unique timestamps. Lee Smolin discusses Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

Understanding Perceptual Data (08:02)

Fragmented perceptions are made unified through brain activity. Human agency and dignity are restored through understanding time's unique unfolding.

Undecided Future (07:01)

Human perception of time is not adequately described in existing theories. Consciousness perplexes Lee Smolin.

Variability in the Mechanism (06:33)

Time estimations vary in accuracy based on the Scalar Law. Galileo was naturally adept at measuring timing intervals.

Is the Moment Thick? (06:02)

The present exists as numerous intervals which are not predetermined. Human brains have a preferred temporal sequence.

Physics and Natural Selection (06:39)

Smolin works out an analogy of the Standard Model to population biology. Our known universe creates many black holes.

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The Physicist

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In his new book, Time Reborn, controversial theoretical physicist Lee Smolin maintains that time is not an illusion we must overcome, but a reality we must embrace in order to solve the current problems in physics. In conversation with internationally recognized expert on time perception, Warren Meck.

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