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Justice in the Brain (05:10)


There has been an explosion of interest in social neuroscience. Moral primitives are built into human brains.

Can We Measure Compassion? (05:55)

We are close to successfully utilizing psychotropic medication to control impulsive behavior. Emotions can be understood in neural terms.

Personality Adjustment (06:30)

It is far less invasive to control a criminal's mind than to eradicate their person. Victims desire justice and a sense of revenge.

Public Image of Policing (07:50)

Victims display a range of responses to retribution including capital punishment. Cop shows create a false representation of law in America.

Perception of the Justice System (03:58)

Americans are unaware of the prevalence of child sexual abuse. Public defenders are engaged in resource allocation.

Social Pressure for Nonviolence (07:53)

Over time violence has decreased in America. Victim appetite for retribution has become more realistic due to a better understanding of legal process.

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A conversation in which one of the country's top legal thriller writers meets with one of the world's top cognitive neuroscientists to explore how justice and retribution are processed in the brain.

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