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Primary Purpose of Prayer (01:24)


On NBC's "The Eternal Light" broadcasted in February 1973, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel discusses using prayer as a chant or song praising God. (Credits)

"I and You" (05:57)

Basya Schechter performs "I and You" by Heschel in Yiddish and describes becoming involved in the project. Dr. Susannah Heschel discusses her father's character. Wonder was the starting point of spirituality; he spent his life exploring what it meant to be a religious person.

"My Seal" (05:00)

Heschel’s dedication to social change was reflected in "My Seal," performed by Schechter. Learn about his commitment to Judaism, civil rights and human rights.

"My Song" (05:05)

Schechter performs Heschel's poem "My Song," a statement about doing God's work on Earth. Susannah discusses how her father responded to sorrow when losing his family during the Holocaust. He expressed emotions through writing and refused to despair.

"From Your Hands" (08:11)

Heschel's optimism saw solutions within reach; he discusses the meaning of our existence. Schechter reflects on their common desire to love and performs "From Your Hands." Rabbi Shai Held explains the link between poetry and spirituality.

"Youngest Desire" (04:09)

Schechter tries to channel Heschel's youth in "Youngest Desire," a poem about wanting to be in love.

"To a Lady in a Dream" (05:24)

Heschel joined a group of Yiddish poets while studying in Vilna. Schechter performs "To a Lady in a Dream." Singing in Yiddish connects her to her genetic heritage.

"Palaces in Time" (04:34)

Schechter performs "Palaces in Time," an expression Heschel used in "The Sabbath" to evoke a feeling of transcendence within human experience. Held discusses Heschel's relationship to God, expressed in poetry.

"Tshuva" (06:48)

Heschel respected and engaged young people; Susannah recalls her father's vitality and joy. Held reflects on Heschel's perception of God as suffering with humanity and on his self-transcendence that enabled him to cross religious boundaries. Schechter performs "Tshuva."

"Snow on the Fields" (06:14)

Peter Geffen discusses Heschel's use of the English language to transmit powerful ideas. Susannah explains her father's composition methods and reflects on how his poetry touches people. Schechter performs "Snow on the Fields" and describes her composition process.

"At Dusk" (03:22)

Schechter performs "At Dusk" and explains how Heschel's work spiritually inspires her. Held reflects on Heschel's service to God and humanity.

Credits: Every Word Has Power: The Poetry of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (01:14)

Credits: Every Word Has Power: The Poetry of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

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Every Word Has Power celebrates Heschel’s words with a concert performance of his poetry set to music by noted singer, composer and musician Basya Schechter. It features interviews with his daughter, Dr. Susannah Heschel; founder of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School, Peter Geffen; and authors Rabbi Shai Held and Dr. Edward Kaplan.

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