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Introduction to Michelle Obama's DNC Speech (01:52)


Michelle received degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She differentiated between Hillary Clinton's qualifications and Donald Trump's campaign.

Michelle Obama's 2016 DNC Speech (14:06)

Michelle speaks about her family's time in the White House and denounces hate speech. She endorses Hillary Clinton for President, pointing out her strength, experience, and political record.

Introduction to Seth Rogen (02:26)

Rogen is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada. He chose to speak out about Alzheimer's disease because of its effect on his wife's mother. Only two senators appeared to hear his presentation.

Seth Rogan on Alzheimer's Disease (07:59)

In this speech broadcast on C-Span, Rogen addresses the Senate Committee on Appropriation to encourage more funding to fight this health issue. He speaks about his mother-in-law who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.

Introduction to Barack Obama's Farewell Address (01:54)

Obama attended Harvard and served as a senator before becoming President of the United States. In this speech, he delineates his accomplishments, warns of problems the nation continues to face, and assures his followers he will be with them as a private citizen.

Part One: Barack Obama's Farewell Address (16:46)

In his final speech as President, Obama reflects on his interactions with citizens, the importance of striving for a greater good, and the capacity of the United States to change for the better." He points out moments in history that have threatened unity. He speaks about the economy, healthcare, and the corrosive nature of inequality.

Part Two: Barack Obama's Farewell Address (17:11)

Obama emphasizes race relations have improved, but have not disappeared. He addresses climate change and points out that in addition to relying on the country's military to protect from outside aggression, it is up to citizens to maintain the fabric of society and help expand democracy.

Part Three: Barack Obama's Farewell Address (17:20)

Obama notes that democracy is threatened when taken for granted. He encourages people from all parties to focus on guarding democracy by supporting ethics, transparency, and civic participation. He reflects on his time in office and the power of Americans to bring about change.

Introduction to Donald Trump (02:19)

Trump's mother was an immigrant; his father became a wealthy real estate broker. He received a Bachelor's degree from the Wharton School of Business and turned a million dollar loan into a successful real estate and television career. His presidential victory was decided by the Electoral College after losing the popular vote.

Donald Trump's Inaugural Address (16:20)

Trump excites the crowd by promising to transfer power from Washington D.C. to the people. He addresses the economy, foreign policy, and other issues facing Americans. He encourages unity and renounces politicians who are "all talk and no action."

Introduction to Ivanka Trump (01:57)

Ivanka brought a "softer, more inclusive tone" to her father's campaign. She graduated from the Wharton School of Business and worked as a model before creating a line of women's clothes and accessories.

Ivanka Trump's 2016 RNC Address (15:14)

Ivanka does not consider herself a Democrat or Republican, but votes on what is right for her family and country. She says her father Donald Trump will "make America great again." She speaks about her father's strengths and values.

Introduction to Mike Pence (02:23)

Before becoming the governor of Indiana, Pence graduated from Hanover College and received a Jurisprudence degree from Indiana University. The religious conservative worked as an attorney and hosted a radio show before being elected to Congress.

Part One: Mike Pence VP Nomination Acceptance Speech (10:02)

Pence declares himself a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican. He praises Republican nominee Donald Trump. Pence speaks about his family and values, and explains why Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Part Two: Mike Pence VP Nomination Acceptance Speech (21:36)

Pence praises Trump's strength and perseverance and calls the DNC agenda stale. He promises Trump will make America great again and outlines the reasons Hillary Clinton should not be elected.

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