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Violent Culture (02:40)


Randy Stufflebeam and Alex Seel are in San Salvador, one of the most dangerous places in the world. After seeing a dead body in the street, they argue about immigration.

Alternative to Dangerous Migrant Journey (02:26)

Kishana Holland and Lis-Marie Alvarado are in Tapachula. They meet with Claudette Sanchez's brother, a women's rights activist.

Desire for a Better Life (04:12)

Alison Melder and Gary Larsen are in El Porvenir; the hometown of Omar Lopez. They work at a coffee plantation to better understand the economic conditions of rural Guatemala. Omar's aunt remembers him working on the mountain.

Sanchez Family (02:14)

In Tapachula, Holland and Alvarado visit Claudette's family home. Claudette's mother Sara struggles with the loss of her only daughter.

Land of Opportunity (04:33)

In El Porvenir, Melder and Larsen meet children from Omar's school. Nearly all of them have relatives in the U.S. When Omar was 13, his mother hired Dona Teresa Gonzales to bring him across the border.

Desperate to Escape (02:14)

Seel and Stufflebeam are in Usulutan. They meet with Maira Zelaya's brother who was deported at the same time she was. He discusses how dangerous the country is.

Journey Out of Mexico (02:34)

In Tapachula, Claudette's mother tells Holland and Alvarado about her daughter's frustrations with the lack of opportunity for women. She hired a coyote who traveled with her south of Arizona. Her family remembers getting the call about her death.

Illegal Border Crossing (04:39)

Stufflebeam and Seel meet Noi Israel, the man who promised to keep Maira safe; she hired a coyote to guide them through Mexico. Israel describes their journey through the desert.

Family in Mourning (01:25)

Holland and Alvarado are with Claudette's family in Tapachula as they mourn at her grave. Her cause of death was declared "undetermined" by the Pima County medical examiner.

Remains Found in 2012 (02:46)

In July of 2010, Omar and Dona Teresa disappeared. Omar's mother spoke to the press about her missing son. Omar's grandfather did not know he was leaving; he grieves his loss. In 2012, Omar and Teresa's remains were found.

Return to U.S. (01:56)

Participants learn they will travel back to Arizona like migrants. They begin packing their bags for the trip back.

El Salvador to Arriaga, Mexico (04:38)

Larsen and Melder take the same path that Omar and Dona Teresa took in 2010. Border patrol is willing to take bribes. The pair imagines how Omar felt on the journey.

Police Unit Escorts (02:24)

Holland and Alvarado retrace Claudette's journey from Tapachula to Arriaga. Migrants travel through an isolated network of ranches to avoid checkpoints.

Migrant Care Center (03:43)

Stufflebeam and Seel take the same path that Maira took out of the U.S. and back to San Salvador. Thousands of families are separated each year.

Changing Views on Immigration (03:32)

Melder and Larsen run into a group of deported Salvadorans headed to New York. Holland and Alvarez imagine what it is like for immigrants on the dangerous trail they are traveling.

On The Next Borderland... (00:57)

See a preview of the next episode. Migrants ride trains and cross through high drug trafficking areas; traffickers control the routes.

Credits: Borderland: Episode 2 (00:39)

Credits: Borderland: Episode 2

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The journey of discovery truly begins. In El Salvador, retired marine Randy Stufflebeam and liberal artist Alex Seel witness the immediate aftermath of a gangland shooting. It’s that level of violence that drove "their" migrant Maira Zelaya to the US. In Guatemala, Washington state farmer Gary Larsen and Arkansas Republican staffer Alison Melder work the same mountainous coffee plantation that Omar Lopez, the 13-yearold boy whose story they track, used to work. Finally, in Chiapas, Mexico, fashion blogger Kishana Holland and migrant rights activist Lis-Marie Alvarado join a nerve-wrecking jungle patrol of a special armed task force, set up to protect migrants from local gangs. Next, the medical examiner instructs the six to make their way to Arriaga, where they must face "La Bestia"—the train migrants call "The Beast"...

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