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Borderland: Episode 1

Item #: 142868

Borderland: Episode 2

Item #: 142869

Borderland: Episode 3

Item #: 142870

Borderland: Episode 4

Item #: 142871

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Six Americans are tasked by an Arizona medical examiner with retracing the footsteps of three immigrants — three of the nearly 6000 illegal or undocumented immigrants who perished in the desert over the past 15 years, trying to cross from Mexico. Gathered at the morgue, the medical examiner tells the six - ‘We’ve given them a name. Now you give them a story.’ Split into three groups, they are sent to El Salvador, Guatemala and southern Mexico. From there, they work their way back to Arizona, finally regrouping at the U.S./ Mexico border, where they will attempt the journey that proved fatal to three migrants. A dangerous trek through the Sonoran desert. They’ll live. But will they learn?

Length: 208 minutes

Item#: BVL142867

ISBN: 978-1-64198-949-7

Copyright date: ©2014

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