Segments in this Video

Hidden World of Abuse (02:07)


At the "The Blessed Hope Boy's Academy," Christian Pastor Gary Wiggins uses religion to perform gay conversion therapy, a practice outlawed in five states.

Meet Lucas and Sarah (06:08)

Lucas Greenfield and Sarah Joubert were held against their will in Christian camps because of their sexuality. Susan Cottrell works with Christian parents to help them accept their children. The Restoration Youth Academy uses testimonials from formerly troubled teens as propaganda; Charles Kennedy realized the atrocities that were being committed.

Beaten and Whipped (03:49)

Greenfield dreamed of escaping the Restoration Youth Academy and confronting his abusers. Galen Wheeler recalls how William Knott named his belts that he used for corporeal punishment. Brian Ross confronts the counselor in a parking lot.

Kennedy to the Rescue (04:35)

Kennedy describes how he grew suspicious of the camp and saw on a surveillance camera a naked teenager locked in an isolation room. Local officials were friendly with the pastors so authorities looked the other way. When the academy moved into a local church in Mobile Alabama, after a parent complained, officers arrested Knott and the other pastors for child abuse.

Jeremy Jordan's Fight (03:11)

Jordan realized his cousin was sent away to Heartlight Christian Boarding School outside Hawesville because of her sexuality. Mark Gregston describes his methods on his website. Brian Ross interviews Peter Sprigg about sexual reorientation therapy.

Coming to the Rescue (03:24)

Jordan rallied other family members to support Joubert and started a GoFundMe page to hire lawyers to fight for her freedom. The campaign went viral and people threatened to protest outside Heartlight Christian Boarding School. Joubert now lives with relatives outside of Austin close to her girlfriend.

First the Bible then the Belt (07:42)

After the Restoration Youth Academy was shut down and Knott arrested, Greenfield's mother sent him to the Blessed Hope Boy's Academy. A woman asks Gary Wiggins about his methods of curing homosexuality; he requires parental permission to give "swats." Rodney Pinkston warned Greenfield to be careful.

Trial Begins (06:23)

A jury convicted Knott and two others of child abuse. Greenfield and Kennedy reunited as witnesses in the trial. Under oath, Betsy DeVos attests that she does not condone conversion therapy.

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This episode of 20/20 reveals what was uncovered during a yearlong investigation into so called “gay conversion therapy.” Viewers will meet a boy who escaped, an undercover cop who helped, and Jeremy Jordan's fight to free his cousin from a similar establishment.

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