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Katherine Dunham Overview (04:16)


Charlayne Hunter-Gault reports from the Katherine Dunham Museum promoting African culture in East St. Louis. Dunham directs the Performing Arts Training Center of Southern Illinois University and teaches the Dunham technique that evolved from Afro-Caribbean dance styles.

Dunham Technique (01:42)

Dunham describes her modern dance technique as a humanistic way of life evolved from primitive rhythms. Many teachers are former students who prefer short-term contracts due to limited opportunities in East St. Louis.

Educational Outreach Programs (02:23)

Senegal drummer and choreographer Mor Thiam trained East St. Louis children to become musicians. Dunham uses music, dance and martial arts to engage at-risk youth. Junior company director Ruby Street discusses teaching young students.

Finding a Future in Dance (02:19)

Valerie Geddes and Michael Green discuss how Dunham's school turned their lives around and gave their East St. Louis community hope.

"Roots of Culture" (03:58)

Performing Arts Training Company members perform one of Thiam's works at Southern Illinois University. It begins with a panther hunt and continues with a celebration dance.

Community Leadership (02:57)

Dunham discusses her love for East St. Louis and inspiration to provide performing arts and socialization programs for at-risk youth. Several graduates went on to Broadway or academic careers.

East St. Louis Education (01:21)

Dunham reflects on remaining optimistic in an atmosphere of poverty and unemployment. Her educational outreach programs improves the lives of young people and her museum provides a sense of African-American identity.

Haiti Projects (02:30)

Dunham gained knowledge of anthropology and dance while avoiding politics. She hopes to be remembered for trying to help her community.

Credits: Katherine Dunham: Profile and Interview (7/17/78) (01:23)

Credits: Katherine Dunham: Profile and Interview (7/17/78)

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Jim Lehrer and Charlayne Hunter-Gault interview dancer and choreographer Katherine Dunham about working with young people in her impoverished East St. Louis community, her passion for African and Afro-Caribbean cultures, and developing the Dunham technique.

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