Segments in this Video

Past, Present, and Future (04:35)


Judith Jamison reflects on the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's long term vision and evolution from a dance company into an artistic and educational institution. She has adhered to Ailey's mission during her tenure as artistic director.

Blood Memories (04:33)

Jamison recalls participating in the Negro Arts Festival in Dakar in 1966. The experience highlighted the connection between African-Americans and their African ancestry and inspired new choreography. She discusses the company's inclusion of people of all colors.

Leading Alvin Ailey (03:09)

Jamison cultivates feelings of family, love, excellence, humor, and commitment to community in the company. She recalls the transition from dancer to artistic director and discusses her family's tradition of leadership.

Pray, Prepare, and Proceed (02:51)

Jamison explains her approach to life and leading the company. Her dancers give their inner selves to the audience in every performance.

Accessibility of Modern Dance (03:33)

Jamison discusses how Ailey prepared her to direct the company. She explains that audience members are not required to "understand" works; they should simply experience them and draw their own conclusions.

Reaching the American Public (02:44)

Jamison shares her rationale for agreeing to have company dancers perform on "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

Engaging Young People (03:30)

Jamison credits Ailey's educational outreach programs for continuing to bring in students. Dancers are committed to the company's mission and uphold its integrity.

Selecting New Dancers (01:54)

Jamison looks for passion, commitment and talent during auditions. The company provides a family and a home.

Alvin Ailey's Legacy (03:08)

Jamison reflects on honoring Ailey's love for his dancing "family" as the company becomes an institution. She believes it will continue to be inclusive and engage the community after she retires as artistic director.

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In this 2010 interview, Judith Jamison talks to Jeffrey Brown about her career as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

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