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"King John": Act I, Scene 1: Message from France (04:06)


An emissary from King Philip of France arrives at the English Court, demanding that King John abdicate his throne in favor of his nephew. Queen Elinor believes that Constance, Arthur's mother, is responsible for the threat.

"King John": Act I, Scene 1: Brother's Dispute (05:27)

Robert Faulconbridge and his illegitimate brother argue over their inheritance. King John rules that Philip the Bastard has a right to the lands. Queen Elinor suggests that Philip renounce his claim in exchange for a knighthood.

"King John": Act I, Scene 1: Issue Resolved (03:55)

King John knights Philip, calling him Sir Richards Plantagenet. Philip contemplates his change of fortune.

"King John": Act I, Scene 1: Lady Faulconbridge Arrives (03:38)

Philip asks for the identity of his father. Lady Faulconbridge wants to scold Robert for the scandal and reveals that Richard the Lionhearted fathered Philip. Philip promises that he will fight anyone who criticizes her.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: Meanwhile in France (03:48)

King Philip of France threatens to attack the English-ruled town of Angiers unless they agree to support Arthur as king. Chatillon returns and urges Philip to attack the coming English forces instead.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: King John Arrives (03:33)

King Philip and King John offer peace if the other stipulates to their respective demands. Constance and Queen Elinor trade barbs. Austria and Philip exchange insults.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: Avoiding War (02:36)

King Philip lists Arthur's claims to John, including possession of English lands in Ireland and France. Elinor tries to lure her grandson away from the French contingency, but Constance stops him and calls King John a bastard.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: Asking the Citizens (05:03)

King Philip and King John ask the citizens of Angers which claim to the throne they will support. Angiers decides it will not open the gates until King John or Arthur can prove they are the monarch. Philip wishes he was home; the armies prepare for battle.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: Open the Gates (05:38)

Heralds from England and France ask the citizens of Angiers open the gates to their respective armies. Philip suggests that France and England combine forces against Angiers; the forces ready themselves.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: Citizens Offer another Option (06:07)

The citizens suggest that Lewis the Dauphin should marry Blanche. The two young people fall in love in an instant. King John offers a large dowry for Blanche; King Philip agrees.

"King John": Act II, Scene 1: End of the Act (04:38)

King John plans to offer Arthur a dukedom, an earldom, and raise him to lord of Angiers. Philip delivers a soliloquy on the madness of Kings.

"King John": Act III, Scene 1: Constance Is Furious (04:27)

Constance cannot believe that King Philip abandoned her cause. Arthur attempts to soothe her.

"King John": Act III, Scene 1: Kings Arrive (03:58)

King Philip informs Constance that the marriage will take place. Constance expresses her anger.

"King John": Act III, Scene 1: Cardinal Pandulph Arrives (08:12)

Cardinal Pandulph asks why the king of England barred the Pope's chosen nominee from becoming Archbishop of Canterbury. King John explains that he will not listen to an Italian priest. The Cardinal pressures King Philip to align with Constance and fight against John, whom he has ex-communicated.

"King John": Act III, Scene 1: War Again (03:07)

Blanche begs Lewis to not go to war on his wedding day, but he refuses. King Philip relents after the Cardinal threatens to curse him. The two contingencies prepare for the upcoming battle.

"King John": Act III, Scene 2: The Battle Begins (01:56)

Philip fights and beheads Austria, avenging his father's death. King John worries about the Queen mother.

"King John": Act III, Scene 3: England Wins (05:13)

The English capture Angiers and Arthur. King John leaves Queen Elinor in charge of English possessions in France, sends Philip to collect funds from the monasteries, and orders Hubert de Burgh to execute Arthur.

"King John": Act III, Scene 4: After Intermission (02:16)

King Philip laments that Angiers is lost, Arthur captured, and the English returned to England.

"King John": Act III, Scene 4: Constance Enters (06:34)

Constance wishes she were mad and can only imagine suicide as a way out. King Philip asks her to compose herself. Constance refuses and makes her appearance even wilder.

"King John": Act III, Scene 4: The Cardinal Plots (04:03)

Lewis expresses his woe. Cardinal Pandulph suggests that Lewis has as strong a claim to the English throne as Arthur and John. Lewis agrees to speak to the king about invading England.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 1: The Executioners Hide (05:16)

Arthur wishes he were a shepherd and not in line for the throne. Hubert tells him that he promised King John he would blind Arthur. Touched by Arthur's words, he sends away the executioners.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 1: Arthur's Fear (02:47)

Arthur begs Hubert to take his tongue, not his eyes. Hubert explains that King John must never know that Arthur is alive and swears to protect the boy.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 2: Second Coronation (04:59)

The Earl of Pembroke and Salisbury urge Arthur's release, but Hubert announces he has killed the boy. The nobles defect to the Dauphin's side.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 2: France Is Coming (03:50)

A messenger arrives and tells King John that Queen Elinor and Constance are dead. Philip explains that the clergy is furious at John attempting to seize their gold.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 2: Hubert and King John argue (05:23)

King John argues that he did not want Arthur dead. Hubert reveals that the boy is alive. King John sends him to report the news to the nobles.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 3: Tragedy (03:26)

Arthur falls off the wall and dies. The nobles believe he was murdered by John.

"King John": Act IV, Scene 3: Hubert Enters (02:10)

Hubert learns of Arthur's death. The nobles refuse to believe Hubert's assertions that King John is innocent in the murder.

"King John": Act V, Scene 1: Philip Confronts Hubert (02:43)

Hubert grieves for Arthur. Philip believes that Hubert left the boy healthy and leaves to prepare the king for war.

"King John": Act V, Scene 1: Convincing the Cardinal (04:26)

King John attempts to make a deal with Cardinal Pandulph, swearing allegiance to the Pope in exchange for the cardinal negotiating with the French on his behalf. Philip explains that the nobles have sworn allegiance to Lewis and tells the king he must prepare for war with courage.

"King John": Act V, Scene 2: Swearing Allegiance (04:44)

The Earl of Salisbury feels badly for betraying King John. Cardinal Pandulph explains the king of England's scheme. Lewis refuses to relent.

"King John": Act V, Scene 2: Parlay (03:21)

Philip threatens that nothing will come from a war with England. Lewis refuses to listen to the Cardinal and Philip, and tells his drummers to start the military march.

"King John": Act V, Scene 3 and 4: John Feels Ill (03:30)

War breaks out and both sides suffer substantial losses. King John left the field after he fell ill. Melun warns the English nobles that Louis plans on executing them after he wins the war.

"King John": Act V, Scene 5 and 6: The War Continues (03:22)

The messenger brings news that Melun died and the English Lords returned to King John's side. Hubert tells Philip that a monk poisoned the king. Philip recounts how he saw a bunch of soldiers drown on his way to the Abbey.

"King John": Act V, Scene 7: King John Dies (06:52)

King John complains about the horrible pain he is in and dies. Lewis decides to retreat back into France. Philip and Salisbury swear allegiance to Prince Henry.

"King John": Finale and Curtain Call (05:29)

The cast sings in Latin and takes their final bows.

Credits: King John (02:19)

Credits: King John

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War is the inevitable result when the King of France demands that John relinquish his crown in favour of his nephew, the young Prince Arthur. Excommunication, attempted atrocity, rebellion and assassination all contribute to a political and personal turmoil that finds devastating expression in an anguished mother’s grief for her son. An HD film based on the Stratford Festival’s 2014 production of King John.

Length: 153 minutes

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