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Session Introduction (06:20)


Maureen Moore will counsel a client wanting to belong racially and ethnically. She explains the potential psychological impacts of not belonging, discusses the importance of separating social expectations from our true identity, and outlines her therapeutic approach.

Between Two Worlds (03:22)

Jacinta discusses growing up in a mixed race family in a majority white community. She moved to London for its diversity, but has experienced racism from other people of color. Moore comments on clarifying Jacinta's experience and feelings of loneliness.

Racist Abuse (01:45)

Jacinta wanted to have more families of color in Glastonbury; she describes being bullied in school. Moore discusses the shame associated with feeling hurt; listening for what is not said can raise awareness of the client's true feelings.

Mixed Race Challenges (03:13)

Jacinta was disappointed by the racism she encountered in London. She has also missed out on Indian culture. Moore helps her reflect on the painful experience and analyze her confusion.

Focusing on Inner Feelings (03:14)

Moore asks Jacinta how she deals with confusion over her mixed race background to encourage her to think about her strengths. Jacinta wanted to be white or black on certain occasions. She would like to live in a truly multi-cultural area.

Desire to Fit In (01:36)

Moore explores Jacinta's disappointment with not feeling comfortable in Peckham to understand the depth of her feelings.

Looking to the Future (02:59)

Moore summarizes Jacinta's story to highlight her focus on an ideal living context. Jacinta plans to travel to India and explore that side of her culture. She hopes it will help her feel whole.

Search for Self-Acceptance (04:23)

Moore uses reflection and summary to create a shared meaning for Jacinta's notion of wholeness. Jacinta realizes that happiness must come from within, rather than from her external environment. She feels enlightened and positive about the future.

Credits: The Need to Belong (00:46)

Credits: The Need to Belong

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Designed as a tool to encourage discussion about issues relating to the development of identity, this video shows a short therapy session with a young woman who is exploring her feelings in relation to her search for belonging. It highlights the barriers and contradictions that she encounters that lead to her feeling different from the local community and her experiencing a sense of exclusion. The video raises issues about the nature of difference, race, prejudice, discrimination, power, and privilege.

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