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Masters of Rhythm: Introduction (02:51)


Juan Medrano Cotito, Huevito Lobatón, and Lalo Izquierdo play hand drums and sing; Afro-Peruvian rhythms are an expression of life's fundamental beats. Eve Ma went to Lima, Peru to meet the percussionists. (Credits)

Musical Backgrounds (03:12)

Huevito recalls watching his father rehearse in their small apartment and playing the cajón at the age of four. Cotito watched his aunts, uncles, and neighbors perform. Izquierdo recalls the community sharing a cajón; he hid under the furniture to watch the dancers.

Communicating Through Rhythm (06:41)

Izquierdo loves music, but dance allows him to express what he feels. Some songs have been passed down through the generations. Coco Linares (guitar) and Leticia Coray Merino (singer) accompany Cotito, Huevito, and Izquierdo in "Toro Mata."

Afro-Peruvian Heritage (02:07)

Izquierdo stresses the importance of the younger generation understanding the origins of rhythm patterns. Huevito discusses how his work in a New York jazz group fits in with his heritage. Izquierdo, Huevito, and Cotito joke about performing the zapateo.

Zapateo (03:00)

Izquierdo and Huevito dance while Linares plays guitar.

International Cajón Festival (02:44)

Rafael Santa Cruz came up with the idea of having 2015 cajón players fill the central square in Lima; Afro-Peru anticipates 3,000 players. Cotito explains prisoner involvement.

Afro-Peruvian Culture (05:04)

Izquierdo demonstrates a rhythm that announces the safe arrival of a slave; Cotito and Izquierdo consider their culture. Linares and Merino accompany Cotito, Huevito, and Izquierdo in a song about Afro-Peruvian culture.

Addendum (01:12)

Huevito recalls seeing hatajos at Christmas time in Lima. Izquierdo and Cotito reflect on Lima's growth and economy. The hatajos de negritos continue to flourish in Chincha.

Credits: Masters of Rhythm (00:52)

Credits: Masters of Rhythm

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This half-hour documentary, shot in Peru, stars three of the world's finest percussionists: Lalo Izquierdo, Cotito and Huevito. As they play the cajón drum, sing, dance, and talk, we learn about the rich culture of Afro-Peruvians.

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