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Shakespeare in Perspective: "The Comedy of Errors", Act I, Scene 1 (06:07)


Roy Hudd sings "I'm My Own Grandpa." William Shakespeare incorporated slapstick and mistaken identity into "The Comedy of Errors." The play revolves around two pairs of identical twins; watch the scene where Antipholus' father explains the birth.

"The Comedy of Errors": Act I, Scene 2 (04:19)

Dromio of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse believe each is their twin brother. Hudd performs Max Miller's "The Twins" and Billy Bennett's monologue "The Road to Mandalay." Shakespeare incorporated similar jokes into "The Comedy of Errors."

"The Comedy of Errors": Act II, Scene 2 (04:42)

Shakespeare wrote some jokes that required two people to tell. Frankie Howard, Ken Dodd, and Bill Maynard performed in a Shakespearean comedy; Hudd reminisces on his own performances. Will Kemp would incorporate his own jokes into plays.

"The Comedy of Errors": Act IV, Scene 2 (03:12)

Antipholus' father is sentenced to die unless he is ransomed by the end of the play. Plautus influenced Shakespeare into incorporating stock characters into his plays and the plot. Watch the scene where Luciana confesses she slept with Adriana's husband.

"The Comedy of Errors": Act IV, Scene 4 (04:51)

Shakespeare incorporated slapstick inspired by Comedia dell'Arte into "The Comedy of Errors." Dr. Pinch attempts to exorcise the demon out of Antipholus for Adriana. Hudd prepares to portray Fagin in Leeds.

Credits: Shakespeare in Perspective: The Comedy of Errors (00:42)

Credits: Shakespeare in Perspective: The Comedy of Errors

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Shakespeare in Perspective: The Comedy of Errors

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Comedian Roy Hudd illustrates some of the timeless gags and comic routines that sharpen this comedy of mistaken identities. From the Famous City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds, with Cyril Cusack, Roger Daltrey, Joanne Pearce and Michael Kitchen, among others.  

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