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"Lost Love": Introduction (04:21)


Charles Bovary leaves to attend a pregnant woman. Emma decides to visit Rodolphe Boulanger. The pair of lovers decides to meet in the arbor by her home.

"Lost Love": Meeting Her Lover (07:30)

Emma visits Boulanger in the arbor while her husband sleeps. She is consumed by her romantic fantasy and risks discovery.

"Lost Love": New Ambitions (05:55)

Monsieur Homais asks Bovary to send to Paris for medical supplies to treat malformed feet as a business venture. Emma encourages her husband. Homais convinces Hippolyte to be the test subject.

"Lost Love": Failed Plans (04:12)

Emma tells Boulanger that she may have to move to Paris because of the successful surgery. Hippolyte cries out in pain and begs Bovary to remove the foot device. Gangrene has set in and the foot needs to be amputated.

"Lost Love": Time Passes (04:58)

Emma suggests that she and Boulanger run away from Yonville. Monsieur Lheureux asks for the outstanding balance on the account. Emma gives Boulanger an expensive crop.

"Lost Love": Emma Plans to Run Away (03:51)

Bovary attempts to give Hippolyte a new wooden leg. Monsieur Homais asks for money for the appendage. Emma orders a new traveling cloak, trunks, and an overnight bag from Lheureux.

"Lost Love": End of the Affair (06:39)

Boulanger and Emma plan to meet at the Hotel de Provence and then run away together. Boulanger writes Emma a self-effacing letter of apology in a basket of apricots explaining that he will not run away with her. Bovary and Homais brainstorm a medical solution to her illness and Emma turns to religion.

"Lost Love": Emma Is Depressed (07:12)

Lheureux loans Bovary money. Father Bourisien and Homais suggest that Bovary takes Emma to the opera as a diversion. The married couple encounters Leon Dupuis who moved to Rouen from Paris.

"Lost Love": The Next Day (05:37)

Emma writes a letter to Dupuis explaining why they cannot meet again, but realizes she does not have his address. At the cathedral, the pair escapes into a carriage.

Credits: Lost Love (01:58)

Credits: Lost Love

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Madame Bovary, Part 3: Lost Love

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 On this episode of Madame Bovary, Rodolphe Boulanger and Emma Bovary decide to run away together. After he ends the relationship the night before, Emma falls deathly ill. While Charles Bovary is attempting to cheer up his wife with a trip to the opera, the couple discovers Leon Dupuis has relocated to Rouen. Tom Conti and Francesca Annis star in this adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's debut novel.

Length: 54 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64198-145-3

Copyright date: ©1975

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