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"Marriage": Introduction (06:05)


Charles Bovary visits a local farm and sets a broken leg. Emma Rouault asks him to stay and dine with her. The pair bonds over their love of Rome while Emma's father sleeps.

"Marriage": The Flirtation Begins (06:06)

Heloise Dubuc and Bovary argue over Bovary visiting Emma's farm. Bovary's mother believes the fracture should be healed six weeks later, but Bovary continues to visit. M. Rouault visits the doctor after Dubac unexpectedly dies.

"Marriage": The Courtship (04:40)

Emma and Bovary begin to court after Dubac dies. Emma agrees to marry Bovary.

"Marriage": Wedding Celebration (04:08)

Watch Emma and Bovary celebrate their marriage. The couple dance and head upstairs after the reception.

"Marriage": Emma Moves In (05:05)

Bovary accidentally left Dubac's wedding bouquet in the bedroom. Emma sets about renovating the house. The maid asks if she should order some chitterlings from the butcher.

"Marriage": Malaise (06:35)

Emma laments there must be more to her life than keeping house. The couple receives an invitation to a ball given by the Marquis d'Andervilliers. Emma dances with another attendee while Charles watches.

"Marriage": Returning From the Ball (03:25)

Emma rebukes the maid for sleeping in her chair and dismisses her. Bovary questions whether the maid should be fired. The couple listens to the fishmongers heading to Paris to sell their goods.

"Marriage": Dreaming of Paris (04:28)

Emma reviews maps of Paris and trains her new maid, Felicite. Bovary compliments the changes to the home she made and worries she is not eating enough. Emma realizes her husband is not ambitious and happy with the life he leads.

"Marriage": Emma Becomes Listless (04:20)

Dr. Kennedy urges Bovary to move Emma to a different city and explains that she is four months pregnant. Emma is thrilled at the prospect of moving in eight months.

"Marriage": Moving Day (06:03)

Felicite tries to get the house in order prior to her employers' arrival. Emma gives birth to a daughter, Berthe, and waits for the wet nurse to arrive. A neighbor introduces Michel Guillaumin, Leon Dupuis, and Father Bournisien to Emma and Bovary.

Credits: Marriage (01:38)

Credits: Marriage

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Madame Bovary, Part 1: Marriage

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In this first section of Madame Bovary, Emma Rouault and Charles Bovary meet and marry in a small town in provincial France. After Emma gives birth to a baby girl, the couples move to the larger town of Yonville. Tom Conti and Francesca Annis star in this adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's debut novel.

Length: 54 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64198-143-9

Copyright date: ©1975

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