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Welcome to Canada: Introduction (03:38)


Canada promised to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees within six months. The 2400 Court Motel provides temporary housing to the refugees. Mohammed Alsaleh describes how he tries to help the families begin again in a new land.

In Syria (03:50)

The Syrian Refugee Crisis began during the civil war when millions of families were displaced. Alsaleh grew up in Hasakeh, a town he describes as peaceful, diverse, and accepting. Watch footage he captured during a demonstration in Homs when the government shot protestors.

Prisoner of the State (04:02)

Syrian refugees watch a video of a young boy crying out for his mother. Alsaleh describes torture the prison guards inflicted upon him in the detention facilities. After 120 days, he was released and traveled to Beirut.

Not Welcomed (04:06)

Syrians in Lebanon were not allowed to work or attend school. The Canadian government granted asylum to Alsaleh in 2014. Alsaleh enjoys helping other Syrian refugees resettle in Vancouver and hopes his own family will join him soon.

Credits: Welcome to Canada (00:47)

Credits: Welcome to Canada

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Welcome to Canada

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This short film tells the story of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada in 2014. After fleeing torture and imprisonment by the Assad regime, he is rebuilding his life. Mohammed counsels newly-arrived Syrian refugee families with the same Vancouver-based NGO that aided him during his own resettlement process. Like Mohammed, these families have left loved ones behind and are struggling to adapt to a new land, finding resilience and hope for a new beginning.

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