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CBC with Differential: Theory (13:27)


Cyndi Zarbano discusses normal WBC, RBC, and platelet ranges. Viral infections can decrease WBCs; malignancy will decrease hemoglobin; dehydration increases hemoglobin and hematocrit. Learn about the role of different WBCs involved in the immune response.

RBCs: Practical Knowledge (25:34)

Zarbano recalls a patient with GI bleeding and a hemoglobin count of 2.7. Learn about causes of decreased RBC production, hemolysis and polycythemia. Hemoglobin and hematocrit determine fluid volume status and concentration. COPD and high altitudes can increase concentration.

WBC and Platelet Numbers (09:58)

Hear normal neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, and lymphocyte WBC count percentages. Zarbano discusses leukocytosis, dehydration, inflammation, infection, stress, leukopenia, and neutropenia, and the shift to the left. Splenectomies and cancer increase platelets; low platelets indicate bleeding risk or medication reactions.

Cardiac Labs (12:07)

Increased platelets can indicate MI or unstable angina. Zarbano discusses risk factors and gender specific symptoms. Stable angina can be treated medically; unstable angina requires catheterization but stresses the kidneys. Zarbano explains the CK, CKMB, troponin and BNP tests.

Arterial Blood Gases (17:14)

Zarbano explains how the lungs and kidneys try to correct a pH imbalance. She discusses lab values and causes, and provides a learning tool for metabolic acidosis, metabolic alkalosis, respiratory acidosis, and respiratory alkalosis. Learn about the street drug, krokodil.

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This video seminar explains how to interpret the results of laboratory tests. It discusses blood tests, including the WBC, CBC, hematocrit, platelets, hemoglobin, agranulocytes, and anemia and looks at results from testing arterial blood gas, discussing metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkolosis.

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