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The Meaning of Place: Introduction (01:18)


Silver Donald Cameron considers "place" in relation to humanity. He introduces guest Gary Saunders and his works; Saunders is conscious of his position in time.

Who is Gary Saunders? (07:16)

Saunders has experience in a wide range of disciplines; it began in a small community in Newfoundland. He describes his professional journey and recalls hunting in the wilderness areas of Newfoundland.

Writing to Understand (05:47)

Saunders states that any topic can be written in a way that most people will understand. He recalls a note he made about Primo Levi that sparked the idea to personalize trees; he began submitting articles. Writing taught him more about trees.

Language and Learning (02:08)

One cannot think about a topic "close to home" without thinking of people. He shares a memory of his father and a red maple.

"My Life with Trees" (05:24)

Saunders' book begins with a scientific introduction for each tree. He explains silvics and discusses "The Hidden Life of Trees." Cooperation runs across tree species.

What is a Forest? (02:04)

A forest is an ecosystem. Saunders discusses the functionality of a hemlock/white pine ecosystem.

Lone Tree and Mutualism (06:01)

Saunders reflects on what he knows about a lone tree that stands in a field near a highway. He discusses relationships between animal species and tree species, and considers intelligence.

Gaia Theory (03:24)

Saunders cites examples of nature and bacteria self-adjusting; 50% of our cells are bacteria. Approximately 90% of soil is alive. Writing and talking helps Saunders gain understanding.

Interpreting Through Story (06:57)

Stories are the way in which people learn. Saunders questions if language is innate. He and Cameron reflect on thinking differently in other languages and cultures.

World of Nuance (09:00)

Saunders considers the way in which he reads his surrounding territory and conveys it to others; sometimes his writing resembles poetry. Cameron cites a review of "My Life with Trees." Saunders reflects on his approach to painting and the correlation to writing.

Meaning in Place and Time (08:49)

Cameron and Saunders discuss the process of understanding who you are and where you are; many of us "sleepwalk" through life. Saunders considers hunting and roadkill.

Typography and Plasticity (11:20)

Saunders describes his interest in typography and writing about it in his books; if you write about what you love, you write intimately. Saunders discusses brain plasticity, memory, and writing.

Interview Final Thoughts (00:39)

Cameron considers interviews with experts who have a deep relationship with place. He provides an update on Santiago Manuin Valera.

Credits: The Meaning of Place: Gary Saunders (00:16)

Credits: The Meaning of Place: Gary Saunders

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This episode of the Green Interview features Gary Saunders, the author of the award-winning book My Life with Trees: A Sylvan Journey. In this exclusive Green Interview, he speaks with Silver Donald Cameron about how he is at home in the woods, and how that came to be, starting out in out port Newfoundland as the son of a river man. He spent most of his adult life in Nova Scotia as a forester, an artist, an educator, and a writer. His most recent book is a unique memoir of 30 chapters, each focused on a particular species of tree and on his memories of people associated with that tree. The book, illustrated with his own paintings and drawings, seamlessly blends science and memory in graceful and resonant prose and beautifully illustrates the depth of his understanding, not only from his own scholarship and observation but also from the indigenous people around him. The book recently won the Evelyn Richardson award.

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