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Danielle: Introduction (04:40)


Using Bloom's taxonomy, Rick Stevenson interviews subjects annually, encouraging self-discovery. Danielle Shepherd began cutting two years into the project, was admitted into a behavioral hospital, and now takes anti-psychotic drugs. An adult molested her in the seventh grade and she feels guilty she could not stop it.

Danielle: Year 16 (03:44)

Danielle writes poetry about being molested and hallucinates that a man is holding a gun to her head. Stevenson encourages her to confront the imaginary person. Danielle feels empowered.

Danielle: Age 17 (04:43)

Danielle has a boyfriend named Joe and stopped hallucinating after she stopped taking her medication. While working at Starbucks, she decided to pursue a career as a paraeducator for medically fragile children.

Jonathan: Introduction (05:35)

Jonathan would love to have a great relationship with his family and return to school. When he was 15, he was elected the freshman senator of his class and dating a girl named Hannah. He began to cut and was admitted to Harborview for suicidal ideation after being arrested for assault.

Jonathan: Age 17 (05:14)

Jonathan started outpatient drug therapy and concentrates on his sobriety. After graduating from Shoreline Community College, he was accepted into the acting program at Fordham University. Currently he wants to pursue his master's degree and teach children.

Jade: Introduction (04:16)

Jade stole bracelets from Fred Meyer when she was 10. After her parents separated, she grew depressed for most of seventh and eight grade. She hoped to become an actress or singer, but her family constantly criticized her.

Jade: Age 17 (04:30)

As Jade grew up she became increasingly depressed, but found her compassion her best quality. Over the years she has had several controlling boyfriends. Doctors diagnosed her with body dysmorphic disorder; 80% of those afflicted become suicidal.

Jade: Age 18 (04:21)

Jade realizes she had a codependency with men and started doing drugs. A judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for two DUIs and a possessions charge. After discovering she was pregnant, Jade decided to seek treatment and make sobriety a priority.

Jade: Age 22 (04:10)

Jade wants to attend nursing school and thinks the cognitive behavioral therapy in treatment provided coping skills for her BDD. Her daughter Scarlett is now a toddler. Jade hopes that her daughter is happy, healthy, and possesses amazing self-esteem.

Credits: Secrets (00:35)

Credits: Secrets

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Danielle tries to recover from her abusive past. Jonathan tries to come to terms with his sexuality. Jade struggles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and addiction.

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