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Sports Doping: Introduction (03:23)


Latel, there has been a rash of elite athletes suspended for doping. These performance enhancers are unregulated and easy to obtain. Dr. Xand Van Tulleken will examine why people turn to it, how they evade detection, and the positive and negative ramifications.

Tim Montgomery (03:48)

Montgomery trains athletes in Florida after he retired under doping allegations. Dr. Van Tulleken undergoes an exercise practice with the fastest man in the world. The Olympian won a silver medal in Atlanta when he was 21-years-old.

Positive and Negative Effects (03:05)

Montgomery started taking performance-enhancing drugs because he wanted to win; he took 30 pills a day. His body is not working as well as it should because of the side effects. Five out of eight people that ran the race in Atlanta admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Pursuing Fame and Glory (03:29)

Chris Van Tulleken believes everyone in sports does drugs. Over 300 substances have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), including diuretics, prescription medications, and cocaine. Anabolic Steroids contain synthetic testosterone that helps build and repair muscles.

Drug Use (04:20)

People take performance-enhancing drugs to look better. For 15 years, Gary Whittaker took anabolic steroids to compete as a bodybuilder; his kidneys and vision failed.

Long-Term Effects (07:17)

Ramifications of performance enhancing drugs include: no sex drive, erectile dysfunction, heart issues, brain damage, and depression. Dr. Harrison Pope hypothesizes that steroids and opioids attract the same brain receptor.

New Types of Steroids (04:06)

Dr. Van Tulleken states that the newest wave of anabolic steroids have not undergone human testing and are unregulated. Videos on the internet exploit a vulnerable and poorly-informed population.

King's College, London (04:11)

David Cowan runs the UK Drug Control Center, testing blood and urine samples of elite athletes and products obtained over the internet. Many suppliers of performance-enhancing drugs also produce illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Nicole Sapstead explains why it is difficult to catch athletes doping and why they keep samples for up to ten years.

Avoiding Testing (03:57)

Montgomery admits he went on a cruise because he knew the officials were coming for a sample. Mike Tyson admitted using a fake penis and urine to pass drug tests.

Untraceable Doping (06:08)

Dr. Lee Sweeney wanted to use gene therapy to provide the elderly with more muscles. After he published his findings, coaches and athletes who wanted to try it contacted him. Currently, Sweeney is examining how to prevent muscular dystrophy from occurring in young boys.

Legally Increasing Sports Prowess (06:25)

Dr. Lex Mauger performs transcranial direct current stimulation on Chris and Dr. Vand Tulleken. His research shows that an athlete can their improve performance by 20% after given the technique. While it is unproven, the procedure is completely legal.

Credits: Sports Doping: Winning At Any Cost (00:37)

Credits: Sports Doping: Winning At Any Cost

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Our sporting heroes do things with their bodies that are almost superhuman. But how many of them reach these heights illegally? As sports continue to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Horizon investigates the controversial world of doping. Discover the extraordinary ways professional cheaters avoid detection, and meet the amateur athletes destroying their bodies in pursuit of perfection. Presenter Xand van Tulleken undergoes a unique experiment in endurance with his twin brother Chris, and interviews Tim Montgomery – once the fastest man in the world – to find out why many sportspeople risk their health to win.

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