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Getting High for God: Introduction (03:13)


Mawaan Rizwan grew up in a religious family. He will investigate whether hallucinogenic drugs bring a person closer to God. James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney guides participants on using peyote for spiritual reasons. (Credits)

Members of the Church (05:20)

Richie traveled from Ohio to participate in the ritual retreat. Mooney believes his job is similar to that of a plumber. Participants give each other massages and clear nasal passages.

Using Peyote (03:10)

Participants discuss why peyote helps them feel closer to God and their individual spirituality. Richie felt lost after his father died and peyote helps him find forgiveness.

Sweat Lodge (04:55)

Participants prepare a sweat lodge which must be used prior to the peyote ritual. Bear explains how no one must cross the line that runs from the lava rocks to the sweat lodge. Rizwan feels euphoric after participating.

Class A Drug (02:35)

Rizwan worries about taking peyote. The Utah Supreme Court decided that Mooney could include Americans of other races in his ceremonies. Rizwan pays a member's fee to belong to the church.

Peyote Ritual (07:37)

Rizwan drinks a cup of peyote tea. After Mooney sermonizes for four hours, Rizwan leaves the tepee to get fresh air. He does not find God but appreciates how he felt supported by a group of strangers.

"God Molecule" (03:28)

Brazil has the highest number of Catholics in the world, but other indigenous religions still exist. Ayahuasca is a drinkable pulp. According to legend, the vine sprouted where a famous shaman died; a female practitioner describes uses for ayahuasca.

Religions in Brazil (04:32)

Half a million people use Ayahuasca regularly in religious ceremonies. Rizwan notices how the Brazilian people incorporate Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, and indigenous religions into their spirituality. Gill explains how vomiting and defecating while under the class A drug's influence is cleansing.

Ayahuasca (05:53)

People die under the influence of Ayahuasca and have "bad trips." Rizwan was concerned about taking the class A drug. Over a dinner party, Gill and his friends discuss the spiritual benefits of using the drug as a medicine.

"Ark of the Blue Mountain" (02:56)

In a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Rizwan visits the church. Before being allowed to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, spiritual leader Philippe Bandera DeMelo meets with new parishioners. He explains that the class A drug enhances reality and does not provide an escape.

Ayahuasca Ritual (07:57)

Approximately 90 people imbibe Ayahuasca each week at the "Ark of the Blue Mountain." Rizwan drinks the concoction, dances during the ceremony, and feels a higher power. After the ceremony, he acknowledges that under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, the drug can have a renewing effect.

Credits: Getting High for God (00:22)

Credits: Getting High for God

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Can psychoactive drugs help us get closer to God? Religious communities in Utah and Brazil, both of which use drugs to access the spiritual world, provide some mind-bending and potentially lifechanging answers. This daring documentary sees Mawaan Rizwan join two religious communities—and ingest powerful hallucinogens—in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Mawaan visits a Christian "Spiritist" Church in Brazil and takes part in their ancient ceremony, which involves chanting, singing, drug-taking and (hopefully) an intense spiritual experience. Mawaan also joins the Native American Church in Utah, where the congregation use peyote, a psychedelic drink, to commune with God. Will Mawaan find the answers he’s looking for or will he discover a darker side to spiritual enlightenment?

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