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"The Duchess of Malfi": Three Siblings (08:00)


Daniel de Bosola laments the Cardinal's treatment. Ferdinand arrives, gifting Antonio Bologna with a jewel, and talking with the courtiers. Delio and Bologna discuss the Cardinal, Ferdinand, and the Duchess; Cariola asks Bologna to attend the Duchess in half an hour.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Hiring a Spy (08:46)

Ferdinand discusses a position for Bosola; the Cardinal encourages Ferdinand to use Bosola for intelligence gathering. The Cardinal and Ferdinand depart, offering advice and words of caution to the Duchess; she vows she will never remarry.

"The Duchess of Malfi": the Duchess' Proposal (10:03)

Cariola announces the arrival of Bologna and hides at the Duchess' request. The Duchess dictates a will for Bologna to write and they discuss marriage. She gives him her ring and they exchange vows while kneeling.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Signs of Breeding (04:01)

Bosola suspects the Duchess is with child and tests her with apricots. Bologna tells Delio about his secret marriage.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Treason? (05:59)

A shriek interrupts dinner and Bologna orders all the gates closed and the officers sent to their rooms; the Duchess births a son. Later, Bologna finds Bosola out of his chambers and suggests the apricots he gave the Duchess were poisoned. Bologna drops a paper revealing the birth of the child.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Intemperate Anger (05:00)

The Cardinal is in bed with Julia when a servant announces her husband is in Rome. Later, Ferdinand rages to the Cardinal about the Duchess giving birth and vows retaliation once the father's identity is known.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Years Later (04:21)

Delio returns to court with Ferdinand; Bologna and the Duchess have three children. Ferdinand and Bosola discuss the children and the unknown father; Ferdinand vows to force a confession from the Duchess.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Secret Revealed (08:24)

Bologna arrives in the Duchess' room. Cariola asks him about his sleeping habits and what qualities she should choose in a husband; they slip out of the room. Ferdinand sneaks in as the Duchess thinks she is talking to Bologna; he vows never to see her again.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Keeping the Secret? (06:44)

The Duchess, Bologna, and Cariola discuss Ferdinand's appearance. Bosola arrives and the Duchess tells him a story about Bologna and the accounts, sending Bologna to Ancona. The Duchess reveals the truth to Bosola who vows to keep her secret; he secretly reflects on the power of his knowledge.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Banished (03:55)

Bosola interrupts a meeting between the Cardinal, Ferdinand, and Count Malateste; the men plot against the Duchess and her children. The Cardinal removes the Duchess' ring and presents her with banishment papers.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Suspected Ambush (03:53)

Ferdinand requests Bologna's presence but the Duchess understands his motives and Bologna refuses; he flees with his eldest son to Milan. A troop of men descend on the Duchess and Cariola.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Ferdinand's Revenge (08:10)

Ferdinand arrives in the middle of the night and gifts the Duchess with a ring attached to a dead man's hand. Bosola brings light and the Duchess sees Bologna and her son are dead. Ferdinand rejoices in fooling his sister with wax dummies and vows to continue tormenting her.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Ring of Madness (04:51)

A madman wanders the halls outside the Duchess' lodgings; Cariola tries to distract her. Ferdinand sends several madmen to the Duchess' rooms and they circle about her, saying crazy things; one man is in black.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Tomb Maker (07:37)

A disguised Bosola tells the Duchess he has come to make her tomb and three men enter with a coffin. He reveals she will die by strangulation; she is not afraid. The men strangle the Duchess, Cariola, and the children.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Neglected Again (06:02)

Ferdinand views the Duchess' body with detachment. He asks Bosola why he did not pity her and vows only to repay him with a pardon for murder; he leaves. The Duchess stirs and lives long enough for Bosola to tell her Bologna and her son are alive.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Ferdinand's Madness (05:23)

The doctor tells the Marquis of Pascara that Ferdinand has lycanthropia; Ferdinand appears. The Cardinal asks Bosola to locate Bologna in Milan and kill him; the Cardinal acts like he believes the Duchess is alive.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Subterfuge (07:24)

Julia vows her love for Bosola. Later, the Cardinal confesses the Duchess' death to Julia and poisons her. Bosola confronts the Cardinal but agrees to his plan; he secretly vows to save Bologna.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Night Activities (05:58)

Delio and Bologna wander the ruins at night and hear an echo that sounds like the Duchess. The Cardinal plans to move Julia's body and kill Bosola. Bosola accidentally stabs Bologna and reveals the death of his family before Bologna dies.

"The Duchess of Malfi": Mutual Murders (07:01)

Bosola tells the Cardinal he came to kill him and the Cardinal cries out for help; Bosola stabs him with a sword. Ferdinand appears and stabs the Cardinal and Bosola; Bosola stabs Ferdinand. Bosola reveals the murders to the nobles before he dies.

Credits: The Duchess of Malfi (01:18)

Credits: The Duchess of Malfi

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Filmed in a beautiful 17th-century mansion, John Webster's brooding tragedy is a typical Jacobean melodrama: a complex plot, splendid language and a great deal of violence, ending in the deaths of all the leading characters. Nominated for an International Emmy.

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