Segments in this Video

Interior Designers: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:52)


Mary Ryan Berzinsky works in an office with other designers and architects. They work on commercial, educational, and residential projects.

Interior Designers: Career Beginnings (01:57)

Berzinsky was interested in art, drawing, building, and designing things. Her high school art teacher mentored and directed her towards her current career.

Interior Designers: Keys for Success (01:15)

Berzinsky explains that it is important to take time to develop a good understanding of what the client wants. There is a huge difference between corporate and residential work.

Interior Designers: Education and Certification Requirements (01:53)

Berzinsky went to a design school that offered an interiors program. There are large colleges that offer educations in design.

Interior Designers: Workplace Atmosphere (02:00)

Berzinsky made the decisions to keep her office space open and airy. There is a neutral backdrop to inspire creativity.

Interior Designers: Advice for Aspiring Pros (02:03)

Berzinsky encourages people to take courses that give them a more worldly experience. She also recommends taking a psychology course and learning how to sketch.

Interior Designers: Day on the Job (01:56)

Berzinsky describes a typical day that involves collaboration with coworkers. When going out to see a client, it is important to take the right things to the presentation.

Interior Designers: Industry Goals and Services (01:33)

As an interior designer Berzinsky would take a space and visually make it look better. She would determine the interior layout to make it functional.

Interior Designers: Industry Challenges (01:53)

The average person takes on more do-it-yourself projects because of home shows on television. Berzinsky thinks professional designers and architects should be involved in home renovations for safety reasons.

Interior Designers: Looking at the Future (01:28)

Berzinsky foresees more commercial and public work in the future. There is a big push in the industry to use recycled material.

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What is it like to be an interior designer? In this Career Q&A video interview, Mary Ryan Berzinsky talks about her career path, what she does on the job, and the keys to success in interior design. She also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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