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Detroit Unleaded: Gas Station Career (04:37)


Ibrahim brings Maryam a new car. Their son Sami has been accepted to college in California; Ibrahim is confident that he will return home eventually. Ibrahim greets customers and listens to a baseball game with his employee Roger.

Detroit Unleaded: Tragedy (02:47)

Ibrahim asks Maryam to be patient; once he buys a second gas station, he will have more time for her. He is killed during an armed robbery. View scenes in Dearborn, Detroit's Arab-American community. (Credits)

Detroit Unleaded: A Busy Day (04:48)

Sami struggles to keep up with customer service from behind bullet proof glass. Maryam calls; he tells her not to clean his room. Sami's cousin Mike worries about competition from the gas station across the street, and dreams of expanding.

Detroit Unleaded: Behind the Cage (03:45)

Najlah comes in the gas station to sell phone cards to Mike. Sami asks her to wait and invites her behind the bullet proof glass. They chat while Sami helps customers.

Detroit Unleaded: Getting to Know Each Other (04:43)

Sami explains that he works all the time and has no social life. Najlah's parents made her live at home during college; she runs her brother's cell phone store. Mike shows up and offers to escort Najlah out of the ghetto.

Detroit Unleaded: Business Plan (05:17)

Maryam puts on a nice dress to drink coffee on her porch, refusing to join her neighbors. Sami asks Mike about Najlah; he says her parents restrict her social life. He convinces Sami to save for a second gas station.

Detroit Unleaded: Gas Station Competition (04:04)

Roger tells Sami about "fireworks" during the graveyard shift; Sami buys them dinner. Kool-Aid sells Mike DVDs. Roger tells Mike the neighboring station has lowered prices by five cents; Mike lowers his too.

Detroit Unleaded: An Overprotective Sibling (03:29)

Maryam wakes Sami for breakfast. She asks him to take her shopping; he watches Najlah's cell phone store while she is inside. Najlah's brother Fadi scares off a customer hitting on her and orders her around.

Detroit Unleaded: Gas War (04:59)

Mike starts discounting products to balance lowered gas prices. Sami asks Mike about Najlah; Mike says she wants a husband. Sami calls her at work; she makes up an excuse to visit him but Fadi forbids her to leave.

Detroit Unleaded: Business is Booming (03:33)

Sami waits for Najlah to visit. Locals descend on the gas station; Mike gets them to buy products. A range of characters comes in, from drug dealers to police officers to party kids.

Detroit Unleaded: Surprise Visit (03:53)

Fadi and his crew show up to the gas station. He asks Sami about Najlah's earlier visit; Sami plays dumb. Mike joins them in a club. Najlah and her friends flee when they spot Fadi and decide to visit Sami.

Detroit Unleaded: Gas Station Romance (07:23)

Najlah visits Sami while her friends speculate about their interaction from the car. Sami gives her jewelry and she says she will visit again—but they have to keep their relationship secret from Mike and Fadi.

Detroit Unleaded: Moral Struggle (04:46)

Maryam wants to purge her closets. Mike is depressed about the competition. Najhal visits Sami and tells her mother she is with a friend. She feels guilty about lying and worries what people will think of their relationship.

Detroit Unleaded: Sugar High (05:24)

Sami and Najhal eat candy behind the gas station counter. Najhal does not let him kiss her and says her parents will lock her up if they find out about their relationship. Sami says Mike knows; Najhal says they must break up.

Detroit Unleaded: Driving Lessons (04:23)

Sami calls Najhal at work and apologizes; she refuses to talk. He calls Fadi and orders more calling cards. Maryam tells Sami to teach her to drive. She wants to be free of the gas station, but worries about growing old alone.

Detroit Unleaded: Career Advice (03:50)

Mr. Stevvels has been laid off and considers buying a gas station. He encourages Sami to follow his dreams, rather than stay in the business. Maryam listens to romantic Lebanese music in her car.

Detroit Unleaded: Discovered (05:52)

Fadi and his friends drive around the city. Najlah brings Sami his calling cards and tells him to ask Fadi permission to court her. Fadi pulls into the gas station and sees Najlah's car. He orders Najlah to leave and threatens Sami.

Detroit Unleaded: Freedom (03:12)

Sami mulls over how to deal with Fadi. Mike finds him asleep behind the counter and becomes upset. Sami gives Mike the gas station and leaves.

Detroit Unleaded: Letting Go of the Past (03:26)

Sami throws away Maryam's dark clothing as a cleansing ritual. He drives to Belle Isle Park and calls Najlah. She has left home and cannot tell him where she is going.

Detroit Unleaded: Escaping Detroit (03:36)

Mike trains Sami's replacement; Fadi trains has hired an employee to replace Najlah. Maryam joins her neighbors on their porch. Sami and Najlah drive to an unknown destination.

Credits: Detroit Unleaded (03:47)

Credits: Detroit Unleaded

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A fresh take on boy-meets-girl comedy set in Detroit. Sami (E.J. Assi) runs his immigrant family's gas station with his cousin Mike (Mike Batayeh, Breaking Bad), a charismatic hustler with dreams of expanding into an unleaded empire. More than just a pit stop for late-night gas and rolling papers, their station is where a steady stream of unforgettable and often hilarious customers flow through. When a gorgeous "up-do girl" named Najlah (Nada Shouhayib) comes to deliver cheap long-distance phone cards, Sami quickly falls for her from behind the bulletproof glass. Afraid her overprotective brother Fadi (Steven Soro) will disapprove, Najlah begins an under-the-counter romance with Sami, making his shift anything but routine.

Length: 92 minutes

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