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Star Talk: Larry Wilmore — Introduction (04:41)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces co-hosts Eugene Mirman and Scott Weems and describes their backgrounds. They discuss the phenomenon of laughter and the fact that rats and other animals also laugh.

Math and Science Background (03:30)

Tyson asks Wilmore about his educational background in science and mathematics. Wilmore had an early love of math and space. Mirman and Weems talk about formulas and equations for joke making.

The Math of Comedy (04:38)

Wilmore tells Tyson about the mathematics of joke telling and comedy. Weems explains that comedy and laughter make the brain healthier and smarter. People who laugh a lot are also more likely to die sooner.

College Education (04:34)

Mirman talks about pursuing comedy as a college major. Weems speaks about studying humor in a scientific way.

Science in Pop Culture (02:34)

Wilmore speaks about trying to raise awareness of science in comedy. Tyson and Wilmore argue the salient points of whether Pluto should be a planet or not.

Geek Credentials (05:09)

Wilmore talks about his surprising "geek cred" as a magician. Tyson and Wilmore discuss magic and card tricks. Tyson talks with co-hosts about the intersection of science and magic.

Star Wars vs Star Trek (02:49)

Tyson and Wilmore discuss which is superior, "Star Wars" or "Star Trek." Wilmore prefers Captain Kirk over Captain Picard. Wilmore contends that Star Trek is essentially a space western.

Science Fiction and Comedy (04:05)

Tyson and co-hosts talk about the inclusion of comedy in science fiction. Andy Weir, author of "The Martian," joins the show via video chat to discuss comedy and science fiction. Weir used humor to disguise the inclusion of science education in the book.

Cosmic Queries: Physics of Sci-Fi (06:15)

Tyson and co-hosts field questions from viewers about the real science behind the ideas in science fiction. Viewers ask about faster than light communication and warp drive vs hyper drive. Tyson and Wilmore discuss the likelihood of finding remnants of an alien culture on Mars.

Sharing Science Through Comedy (05:54)

Bill Nye works with improvisers to perform science based comedy. Tyson, Mirman, and Weems share their favorite jokes.

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Emmy Award-winning TV producer, actor, comedian and writer Larry Wilmore. Comedian co-host Eugene Mirman and neuroscientist Scott Weems join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss the physiology of laughter, the mathematics of crafting jokes and the intersection of science and comedy.

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