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Star Talk: Mayim Bialik — Introduction (06:04)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces his co-hosts Chris Hardwick and Summer Ash. Tyson speaks to his interview guest Mayim Bialik about getting into science.

Pursuing Science (04:56)

Tyson and co-hosts discuss the number of women that might have become scientists, but were discouraged. Data journalist Mona Chalabi gives data about the lack of women in field. Ash talks about female role models in the sciences.

Women in Science (06:58)

Bialik speaks to Tyson about the optics of women in science and ways to encourage women into the sciences. Taryn O'Neill talks about showing women in science through stories and movies.

Person on the Street Interviews (06:15)

Chuck Nice interviews random passers-by about famous female scientists and the sexiest scientists around. Nice hears answers about encouraging more women into science fields. Bialik speaks with Tyson about how her science education informs her role on "The Big Bang Theory."

Nerd Cool (07:35)

Tyson talks with Hardwick and Ash about science, memes, and nerd culture. Hardwick, Ash, and Tyson view memes using Tyson to promote science. Bialik discusses assumptions about learning that are prevalent in our culture and how they are changing.

Cosmic Queries (05:17)

Tyson and co-hosts field viewer questions about science, button pushing, and what actor should portray Tyson in a movie. Tyson speaks about socialization with Hardwick and Ash. A celestial object has been named after Tyson.

Fan Base (03:05)

Tyson talks to Bialik about the appreciation of science and viewing the world through the lens of scientific inquiry. Hardwick and Ash discuss the importance of understanding science and the natural world.

The Science Guy (03:57)

Bill Nye talks science education and the importance of science communication. Tyson speaks about science on television and its ability to take viewers to places where they might not be able to visit. Hardwick and Ash share final thoughts on getting women into science and encouraging scientific curiosity.

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Mayim Bialik

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik. Comedian co-host Chris Hardwick and guest Summer Ash join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss the portrayal of science on television. Topics include women in science, television characters as role models, and garnering interest in science through comedic means.

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