Segments in this Video

Introduction: Great Smokey Mountains (05:12)


The Great Smokey Mountains attract more visitors than any other national park. See footage of a mother bear and her cubs awakening after their hibernation period. The cubs follow their mother and avoid danger.

Spring Thaw (03:17)

See time lapse footage of spring ephemerals blooming. The spring wildflower pilgrimage attracts thousands of visitors to the Smokies each year. See footage of ants harvesting seeds from the flowers.

Wild Turkey (04:13)

Wild Turkeys, once almost extinct, are thriving inside Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Hear facts about black bears inside the park. See footage of a bumblebee tricked into pollinating a lady slipper orchid.

Dangerous Denizens (03:45)

See footage of timber rattlesnakes warming themselves on rocks. A ruby-throated hummingbird feeds on the nectar of a fire pink flower. Hear facts about hummingbird nest construction.

Streams and Lights (04:39)

See footage of the black bear family fording a stream. The wavy-rayed lamp mussel uses subterfuge and camouflage to trick fish into spreading parasitic larvae.

Summer Nights (04:46)

Great Smokey Mountains National Park is the Salamander capital of the world. See footage of the river chub building a nest in a stream.

Summer Rains (04:11)

The Smokies average up to 85 inches of rain per year. See footage of the black bear family harvesting cherries from high up in the branches.

Bee Balm and Nectar (05:29)

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird drinks nectar to store up energy for a long migration. See footage of a spicebush swallowtail butterfly pollinating a Turk's Cap Lily. Black bears feed from a cherry tree and deer mouse spread the seeds from droppings.

Autumn (03:32)

The leaves of the forest turn many golden shades as fall begins. See footage of witch hazel seeds exploding from the tree. Black bears may gain up to 5 pounds per down from a diet of primarily acorns.

Year's End (05:05)

Manitoban elk were introduced to the park to replace the disappearing eastern elk. See footage of elk jousting and turkeys fighting for breeding rights. Winter falls on the Smokey Mountains. (Credits)

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Great Smoky Mountains

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Take a journey through the colorful seasons of Great Smoky Mountains National Park to reveal captivating life and growth beyond the lookouts.

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