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Historical Overview of Prejudice Against Jews (03:13)


From the 8th century to the present, Jews and Muslims have lived side by side in the Muslim-ruled world. Yet, in most cases, Jews were in subordinate positions and have been associated at times with cosmic, satanic evil.

Rise of Anti-Semitism in Palestine (03:37)

From the late 1800s, Zionism gained momentum. Tens of thousands of Jews migrated back to Palestine, an influx that strained relations between Jews and Arabs. Anti-Semitic behaviors grew when Europeans and Christian missionaries arrived.

False Beliefs and Myths About the Jews (03:46)

Christian Europe accuses the Jews of "killing God." Such beliefs and myths that were carried through history. The Jews have been and are blamed for many evil things including the Black Plague and ritualistic child murder.

Hitler Takes Anti-Semitism to the Muslim World (02:10)

Hitler and the Nazis took European anti-Semitism to the Muslim world where they rallied for support against the common enemies: the British, French, and the Jews. Jews continued to migrate to Palestine, their numbers reaching 600,000 after WWII.

Events Lead to Partition of Palestine (01:46)

Arab and Jewish populations swells in Palestine, leading to mounting tensions, violence, and bloodshed. In 1947, the United Nations votes to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, enraging the Arabs, whose home is Palestine.

Solidity of Israel: Jewish Independent State (02:19)

In early 1949, Israel declares victory over the Arabs, solidifying the existence of an independent Jewish state. Over 700,000 Arabs are soon refugees. The Israeli victory over the Arabs in 1967 led to occupation of Arab territories.

Victorious Israel (03:44)

In 1982, Israel returns the Sinai to Egypt, and in 2005 returns Gaza to the Palestinians. The Jewish defeat of five armies led to a belief among Arabs that Jews had the backing of a cosmic, evil power. Hatred of Jews extends throughout the Muslim world.

Anti-Semitic propaganda in Arab Media (03:07)

An Arab television series proliferates the notion of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. Content is based on the "Jewish Protocols," a false image of Jewish world control, used as anti-Semitic propaganda.

Proliferation of Anti-Semitic Propaganda Around the World (04:36)

Arab media does not represent Jews in a positive light. Today, classic anti-Semitism in the Arab world is in newspapers and on television, and with the help of technology, reaches tens of millions of Muslim households around the world.

How Effective Is Anti-Semitic Propaganda? (04:17)

Satellite and cyber-technology make it possible for nearly anyone anywhere to disseminate anti-Semitic propaganda. Experts discuss to what extent this propaganda influences Muslims in the Middle East to dislike Jews.

Jews To Blame for World Calamities (02:41)

Israel and Zionism are the focal points of anti-Jewish sentiment in the Arab Muslim world, where Jews are blamed for most calamities around the world, including the spread of the AIDS virus and the destruction of New York's Twin Towers.

Anti-Semitism or Rage Against Israel? (04:09)

Arab Muslim anti-Semitism may be a rage against the state of Israel because of its occupation of the West Bank, Golan Heights, and the conflict in Lebanon. It is natural for Arabs to resent Israel's "oppressive occupation" of their land.

Palestinian Intifada Propaganda (04:41)

The creation of an independent state of Israel on Arab land was never accepted by Arabs. Entities such as Hamas and Iran's president urge, "Death to Israel." Arab textbooks teach hatred for Israel, and by association, hatred for Jews.

Growing European Anti-Semitism (03:11)

World television exposure of the Arab/Israeli conflict turns a worsening situation in the Middle East into a European "situation" as well. Today in Europe, 20 million Muslims with anti-Israeli sentiments take out their anger on European Jews.

An End to Anti-Semitism? (05:19)

Today's anti-Semitism in Europe is not state-sponsored as it was during Hitler's regime. This segment looks at a number of the conflicting views of Jews in Europe and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Are there ways to end anti-Semitism?

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Although hatred of the Jewish people is often found at the margins of society, anti-Semitism appears to be approaching a groundswell in many parts of the world. This program examines the phenomenon at institutional and grassroots levels, focusing primarily on the Middle East and the complex history behind its conflicts. Viewers will encounter several provocative ideas about Islamic anti-Semitism and the attitudes Jews and Muslims have developed concerning each other. Celebrated historian Bernard Lewis, former Israeli Prime Minister Natan Sharansky, Iranian-American author Reza Aslan, Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy, and other experts propel this timely discussion. Narrated by veteran TV journalist Judy Woodruff. Bonus material (DVD only) features extended interview footage. (57 minutes + 45 minutes of bonus material)

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“Within one hour, the documentary, narrated by veteran CNN journalist Judy Woodruff, covers a lot of territory in a graphic and efficient manner. Viewers are given a capsule history of anti-Jewish hatred both in the Christian West and the Muslim East, accompanied throughout by horrifying cartoons across the centuries.... Numerous experts weigh in on the Middle East conflict and its impact on the resurgence of anti-Semitism. On the whole, the arguments balance each other out, with perhaps a slight edge given to supporters of Israel, thanks to Woodruff’s narration.”—Jerusalem Post, 1/7/07

“A timeless cautionary tale about those who throw caution—and good judgment—to the wind, caught up in the breeze of bigotry. The daring documentary, directed/written/produced by Emmy Award-filmmaker Andrew Goldberg, goes beyond American borders to where hatred borders on the incredible: The Middle East provides no middle ground for Jewish jeers and junked dreams of peace. It is all a piece of the aching action that is Goldberg's gold-standard of a film.”—Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, January 2007

“Presents a balanced picture, neither downplaying nor exaggerating the threat posed to Jews today.”—The Jewish Week (NY), December 2006

“Sometimes complex, often infuriating and always eye-opening, Goldberg has performed a real service by analyzing the toxic mixture of ignorance and hatred and explaining why it has been so impervious to enlightenment and civilization for so long.”—Hollywood Reporter, January 2007

“A disturbing, yet excellent documentary.”—The Star-Ledger (NJ), 1/6/07

“An excellent look at anti-Semitism and all the things that go along with it—hate propaganda, vandalism and assaults on Jews. Thought-provoking.”—Albuquerque Tribune, 1/9/07

“Shines a bright spotlight on the phenomenon and demonstrates, without a doubt, that it exists.”—Boston Globe

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