Segments in this Video

Cyber Business: Virtual and Real-World Entrepreneurs (02:06)


A wealthy "resident" of demonstrates what is possible with virtual business transactions.

Real-World Players Develop Online Avatars (04:43)

A player learns the beginning stages of developing her online avatar. Vocabulary introduced in this segment: avatar, virtual reality, cyberspace, and teleportation. Players spend time and money on their avatars.

Technological Advances in Computer Gaming (04:00)

Computer gaming evolves from playing against the computer to playing against other players. evolves daily. A "libertarian Utopia," hands-off approach to governing online activities.

Virtual Sex Business (03:48)

Virtual reality's "hot" business is selling sex toys and sexual animation. For some people, virtual sexual situations are easier to experience than real-life relationships, and they are not governed by society's moral codes.

Virtual Crime and Real-World Laws (02:14)

Should online morality be monitored? What happens to online "residents" can have psychological repercussions for real-world players. Should real-world laws govern online crimes such as virtual rape? Stanford law students respond.

Medical Science and Virtual Worlds (02:28)

Scientists at UC Davis use virtual technology to demonstrate visual and auditory experiences of schizophrenics. For behavioral and social scientists, virtual worlds provide new laboratories for scenarios impossible to test in the real world.

Virtual Businesses and Real-World Profits (03:31)

Players in virtual worlds spend $15 million a month on their avatars for things such as bridal gowns. Virtual world product designers make high profits from the need people have to invest in their online creations.

Multinationals and Virtual Worlds (02:29)

Multinational corporations realize the high-profit potential of marketing their brands on For example, IBM replicates real-world sports events in a virtual world.

Potential Value of Virtual Property (03:49)

A critic of's marketing figures argues that it has many fewer actual users than the company maintains. Is it possible to accurately measure the potential of virtual world technology?

Virtual Reality and Intellectual Property Rights (03:30)

Linden Lab, creator of, gives all its virtual residents intellectual property rights, allowing residents to create saleable property and make real-world profits.

Virtual Businesses and Real-World Taxes (04:15)

A new entrepreneur sets up a World Stock Exchange in the virtual world of The U.S. government considers taxation and regulation of virtual profits.

Virtual Worlds and Real-World Legal Jurisdiction (03:54)

A case in the U.S. courts demonstrates the complex interaction between real-world laws and virtual property transactions. The question of what constitutes ownership is still being debated, as is the jurisdiction of Terms of Service Agreements.

Social Power, Communication, and Prosperity (03:23)

Virtual worlds offer new ways for humans to interact, and a new social order, where co-creation is the key to expanding experiences. What are the implications that virtual world residency has and will have on real-world residents?

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Tens of thousands of people “live” there, and tens of millions of U.S. dollars are exchanged there. Welcome to! After introducing viewers to this compelling virtual world, You Only Live Twice grapples with overlapping in-world/real-world issues ranging from cybersex and the psychological repercussions of virtual sex crimes, to intellectual property rights fraud, to taxation on hard cash made on virtual cross-border sales, to the medical use of Second Life as a schizophrenia simulator. Insights and opinions are provided by SL creator Philip Rosedale; virtual property development millionaire Ailin Graef; Play Money author Julian Dibbell; Lauren Gelman, of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society; New York University’s Clay Shirky; Ted Castronova, author of Synthetic Worlds; and others. Contains mature themes and explicit imagery. (47 minutes)

Length: 47 minutes

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“Extremely well done. Colorful visuals and music draw the audience in. I give it 5 stars!”—KathyDeBarr, MS, PhD, University of Illinois at Springfield


“A thought-provoking look at a brave new e-world, You Only Live Twice is recommended.”—Video Librarian (3 out of 4 stars, featured review)


“Featuring many scenes straight out of Second Life, the film intersperses interviews with the site’s creator, Second Life ‘tycoons,’ and academic pundits. Recommended for public and academic libraries.”—Library Journal

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