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Introduction to Noh Theater (03:20)


Sadayo Kita is a sixth generation performer and member of the Kita Noh troupe; rarely is an actor considered competent before the age of 50. Minoru Kita performs, teaches, writes, and composes for the Noh theater. Zen Buddhism influences the aesthetics of the art form.

Kita Performs (02:45)

Kita performs a traditional Noh theater piece. Before the Tokugawa Shogunate, Noh plays were much faster; a two hour play was performed in 25 minutes. The two basic elements of Noh include the walk and how to stand.

Noh Movements (02:33)

Hineru and kakero are two types of turns in Noh theater. Kita directed students in "Ikkaku Sennin" at The Institute for Advanced Studies in Theater Arts.

"Ikkaku Sennin" (07:17)

Madam Senda Bunnin must seduce Ikkaku Sennin; the actress wears a ko-omote mask to designate her beauty and age. After she seduces Ikkaku Sennin with an erotic dance, the hermit must drink alcohol. Waki characters do not wear masks.

Credits: The Style of the Classic Japanese Noh Theater (00:33)

Credits: The Style of the Classic Japanese Noh Theater

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The Style of the Classic Japanese Noh Theater

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This video feature Sadayo Kita's presentation of the movements and dance techniques of Noh. It explains the meaning behind movements and stances and the system of Labanotation.

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