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Sanskrit Drama: Introduction (02:58)


In Sanskrit dance, the dancer performs invocations to the gods. Mrinalini Sarabhai dances Bharatanatyam and Kathakali. Bhasa wrote "Vision of Vasavadatta" over 2,000 years ago and it is still being presented in temples. (Credits)

Sanskrit Dancers (03:16)

Bharata wrote a book in 300 AD that Sanskrit dancers still study. Sarabhai demonstrates the dance of a boy playing with a ball.

"Vision of Vasavadatta" (05:50)

Vasavadatta circulates a rumor that she has died and leaves the palace. King Udayana mourns his queen, but he must marry Princess Padmavati. When Vasavadatta reveals her true identity, the two women accept being married to the same man.

Credits: Sanskrit Drama (00:41)

Credits: Sanskrit Drama

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Sanskrit Drama

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This video shows traditional Sanskrit drama using classic dance forms of India in the play Vision of Vasavadatta.

Length: 14 minutes

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