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The Peking Opera: Introduction (03:46)


Miss Hu Hung-Yen demonstrates how to apply the traditional flirtatious flower maiden makeup and standard poses in Peking opera. She and her brothers left home at eight to train in Nanjing and toured China. A qingyi refers to elite and virtuous married women.

Men's Roles (05:08)

Hung-Yen demonstrates the walks and poses of a xiaosheng and wusheng. The actress performs several dance movements to illustrate emotions and the beauty of the Peking opera. The huadan can engage in physical conflict.

Absence of Props (02:00)

Instead of using props and scenery, actors rely on specific gestures to inform the audience. Hung-Yen demonstrates specific actions used in the Peking opera.

Ribbon Dance (03:13)

This was a favorite of a former emperor of China. Hung-Yen portrays a heavenly being dispersing flowers across the Earth.

Credits: Aspects of Peking Opera (00:25)

Credits: Aspects of Peking Opera

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Aspects of Peking Opera

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This video examines martial arts of the traditional Peking Opera, looking specifially at how the performer creates scenes by body movements, rather than with props. Hu Hung-yen, Chinese dancer, begins with a demonstration of Peking opera make-up and then performs various dance patterns and presents a scene from The Butterfly Dream and the Scarf Dance.

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