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Spanish Religious Culture (02:43)


Pasos carry effigies of the Virgin Mary during Santa Semana or Easter Week. Passion plays and Autos Sacramentales continued throughout the Golden Age of Spanish Theater, exploring religious themes. This program will contain scenes from "The Phantom Lady."

"The Phantom Lady": Loa (02:30)

Jose Luis Alonso came to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Theater Arts to direct "La Dama Duende." The director discusses the impact of the Corrales Theater.

"The Phantom Lady": Lovers (04:45)

Jack Edelman portrays Don Luis. Dona Angela is not allowed to leave her home because of her widow status but manages to fall in love with Don Manuel Enriquez. Don Juan loves Dona Beatriz.

"The Phantom Lady": Tricking the Brothers (04:53)

Cosme Catiburatos, a traditional comic character, delivers a monologue. Don Luis and Don Manuel create a sequestered apartment for the widow. Isabel discovers a secret panel; Cosme believes it is a ghost.

"The Phantom Lady": Don Manuel is Tricked (03:36)

Don Manuel believes Isabel led him miles away. Cosme reveals that he is actually in his room.

"The Phantom Lady": All Is Well (04:32)

Don Manuel decides to protect Dona Angela against Don Luis and asks for her hand in marriage. Don Juan offers his congratulations. Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio and Pedro Calderón de la Barca were the two most influential playwrights during the Golden Age of Theater.

Credits: The Phantom Lady (03:21)

Credits: The Phantom Lady

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The Phantom Lady

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This video presents scenes from Pedro Calderon de la Barca's play The Phantom Lady, looking at the characteristics of the Spanish Golden Age of Theater.

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